Broken record, records broken

Feel free to listen to this song as you read…

i am a broken person that God is healing and teaching more and more each day, as i surrender to the growing pains HE is putting me through.

May others see that in Jesus Name and realize we are all broken and needing to be constantly fixed until that final day when HE perfects us.

I am a hypocrite at times without out even fully knowing it and when God starts to put a metaphorical mirror in front of me -in the form of other believers i admire – i see the imperfections in them. It is then i realize, that is just saw dust in their eyes, i’ve got a whole untrimmed tree in mine!

As construction takes place to saw that tree out i then notice the splinters in others people eyes and i still think, ‘well, look at them! This is ridiculous!I am so glad i am not like them!!! Then there is a whisper to my soul that if i am shouting too loud i miss. HE SAYS,

“You are worse my son.”

But He doesn’t shout it at me and condemn me with that statement. He says it soft and lovingly. I am hearing that still small voice. I don’t like it at times because I think, “no i am not!” but then i realize i am then arguing with the one who not only knows me best but with the one who created me.

“I am worse!”

Wow, thank you Jesus for fixing what is broken.

Pressing on,


::::::::::Under Construction but ready to be read:::::::

GO TO: The index for when to kick and not kick against the pricks           (That is an index of post dealing with what The Lord has been doing in my life over the past few years and what HE has been doing since the creation of the 1st Adam).

Closing song if music speaks to you more than words…i hope you can get past the container (80’s hair and rock n’ rock and hear what The Sustainer is saying…

HERE IS the band Jerusalem with their song “Constantly Changing”:

5 thoughts on “Broken record, records broken

  1. At the very end of this video you hear a band member explain things a little more clearly about Rock ‘N Roll’ being a MODE OF TRANSPORTATION :

    I’ve been saying, God uses all types for things, forms (style of) music, stories, happenings, tragedies, pricks and even people as a mode of transportation to reach us.
    When to kick and not kick against the pricks index

    The above song was a mode HE used to reach me and continues to use to reach me, if you can get past the container (80’s hair and classic rock ‘ roll) you will also hear what The Sustainer (God) is saying.

    Another post i did on the Peculiar People Pageant (
    emphasises how HE uses ‘all kinds”.

    Also i reblogged a Steve Simm’s post on how God uses ordinary people. GO TO: (


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