“This land is your land this land is mine, mine alllll mine!!!!! (post still under construction)

Think back if you will to the wild wild west and the land  rush . Picture people in handmade clothing running with flags in hand, staking out land, dashing, dodging around others with long poles and a flag with their family name or crest on it. Picture them dashing without haste  to a good spot they want to claim, shoving that marker into the ground and shouting,

That there’s my land!


THIS here is my land!!!

When i pictured this in my mind i thought of good Friday. If  they were selling plots of land, or giving plots away how craaaaazy that would be…people camping out the week before, maybe the month before. The push and shove and attempted bribes, possibly even a few attempted murders that would take place with crowds of large people and large crowds of people (did ya see what i did there) Gatherings so big that some lil’ people get trampled alive caught in a stampede of inhumanity.

Maybe i am cynical (i can just hear what some readers and saying right now, ‘maybe?!’) but i think that God has created the earth for all of us (Humans, plants, animals) to enjoy it all. He gives and takes away. He even sets the boundaries (Acts 17:26) and for everything there is a ‘season’ (Ecclesiastes 3).

He allows, (tolerates for a time Romans 1:18-32) even greedy people who can not get enough land. Even evil leaders, horrible, terrible Ivans with capital “I”s who have wars, MAKE war just because something drives them from deep down inside to conquer more and more stuff, people, places, things.

           For many people, the war is with their very own nature (Romans 7 …especially verse 14-25). Other wars we make are civil (within our own walls) -some are even domestic (literally in homes around ‘suburbUNITED’ states america).  Then, there are occasional wars with other countries (beyond our own borders).

War is hell on earth for sure

Even when war is necessary the casualties and post traumatic effects are always just a reminder that we are a hostel  people and live in a..a… a hostile environment.

I see serpents in this here play ground.

There are even wolves that are wearing suits, ties, priest collars, habits and military uniforms  that make them look as civil, calm, & “meek as a sheep” but once their true nature is revealed it is almost too late to run for our lives because we have already become allies with them, joined ranks, ate meals with them and we are connected in a ‘point of no return‘.

         So now, anyone who hates them also hate us.

I’ve personally met, and so have you, some men and women who were not only teenageers but who fought in wars that involved so many nations they were called world wars.

Have we forgotten the war against the ways of world because we’ve pledged allegiance to a ‘country’ who appeared to be serving God but ultimately shows it’s true colors of actually being a united state of self serving individual gods?

I hear a lot of  complaining about the mini god who holds the presidency over the rest of us. I see  many who obsess themselves with talking, tweeting and watching anything that has to do with him, all the while considering and pondering less and less the one who made him too.

“Focusing on the container more than the sustainer”

          Picture with me, little tommy bailey in elementary school (Jacksonville FL), a huge smile on my face -from ear to ear (i’m still trying to grow into it), dressed like uncle sam for this “holiday hill elementary school” class assembly and ‘way off broadway’ production, singing at the top of my lil’ pink lungs,

“This land is your land, this land is my land ! ! ! !

From california the the new yeak islands…la la la la laaa  to the newyork islands …la mumble lala laaa urine ME!!!!!”

Oh, how we use to fight on the playground and play king of the mountain. But here we are gathered together in front of the parents who for some reason didn’t work that day or decided that staying home to take of their kids was the most rewarding and important job on the planet earth.

Here we are joining,  no wait, uniting our high pitched, tone deaf undeveloped voices in merriment! 🙂 Picture us?  Now picture some of those same lil’ kids, especially ones that look like me Tom 1st drumset , at church (Jacksonville Citadel). We’d play king of the mountain on this low brick wall (maybe a foot and 1/2 up and idk how many feet long). We would stand on, shove others off and no one really got hurt, all fun and games and yet engaged in a mini war that we played and got a real kick out of; until Mrs. Johnson would yell at us. That was why i attended church, other than being drug there by my parents i knew there would be some camaraderie with people my age and we’d play fight , horse around and that was what really drove me to church.

As kids, most of us got it, friendly competition, when we were not laying under a bumper pool table playing with the billiard balls we were interacting with others our age. In our own little world, our own lil’ kingdom that was really not lil’ at all, it was massive in our own little minds, we were legends in our own minds it even for a few seconds at a time while the adults were calculating how to raise money for a new building and community center we were playing in the trees on the property that would eventually have most of the trees tore down and cleared to put up a tent to hold evangelistic meetings one saturday in June after the new building is built and only 5 years old.

What we (John John Bennet, Jimmy Morrow) possessed and what possessed us was innocent, healthy, good clean fun until one kid (and it would only take one) would take it too serious and shove too hard because rather than realize that wall we stood up on was “ours” , not one individual kid’s, it was all of ourJaclsonville USOs, we lived on it. We pictured it as a fortress to  be defended. It had 1,000 rooms and was big enough for all of us but at a certain point there was this all powerful dangerous dragon (Rick Bennet -John John’s bigger brother) ,  trying to kill us and burn down our castle (a simple 2 high wall in front of a church in reality). Whoever was on the wall HAD to defend it and push off, away and down anything that tried to get into it’s walls. No one explained the rules and how to play. IT was us vs. them and “them” was anybody smaller than we were. In other words, we shared it, both the fighting to defend it and the come,  “on up and help us defend it”. As a child, in our heads everything was as it should be because in a way we were our own ‘Lord of the land!’ Maybe in some way we understand better then than we do now that God was truly sovereign and we accepted things much easier saying, what has become an all too familiar phase nowadays,

“It is what it is.”

Accepting  there there was something bigger and better than everything we know, see and experience around us.

Joshua 1:3-5 ((((((((((click here))))))))))) God told Josh, “i’m giving you every square inch of land you can get your foot on.

Imagine (picture) greedy people playing a game of “Twister” on a huge map trying to put their “LEFT FOOT ON GREEN!” (North Carolina), “RIGHT FOOT BLUE!” (The atlantic or pacific ocean, which ever is truly bigger) And those same ‘players’ using their free hands to punch and defend with brute ‘strike force’ making fists and exhausting every extreme offensive behavior to claim everything in between the green and blue dots. Hear them kicking, screaming and crying out,

“This is ALLLLL mine in between here and here! Get off!!! Get OUT!!!! Back off!!! You are not welcome here!!!! I’m sorry if your country sucks the political tyranny and dirt of a few selfish leaders but there is no room for you HERE!!!!!!

No that is not a selfish statement in and of itself, or is it?

I hear,

“It is their problem their leaders don’t know how to run their  country and not meet their needs but that’s not our job to make them feel at home here, this is our country and we are the best county in the world. We are so rich and blessed and that is because of us and how we do things. (Then in the same breath) Why can’t our president run things better, blah blah blah bigotty bick  bick bick….”


And to those people i whisper,

“Please remember , you are not Moses, you are not Joshua,…you are not God”

Pressing on in Him,

just a friendly reminder in The Name of THE Lord Jesus Christ,


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