Earth Suits

What is YOUR main gig? What is your side job?

There was a story of a guy who was puzzled that this old book store was still open, there were no cars in the lot. He asked the guy who was busy stocking the shelves with the latest novel by Kyri C. Bailey, “I didn’t think you were open! I saw no cars in the lot. Where is your car?” The employee said with a laugh, “oh yeah i only work down here, i live upstairs, above the store.”

Realizing i only work down here and i live upstairs (Heaven is my home, Kingdom life here is my temporary dwelling place) i am striving to stay heavenly minded and humble enough to be of some earthly use.

~Tom “Beetle” Bailey (written while wearing my earth suit and trying to adjust the suit for a better fit. Driving my sometimes unidentified flying object, my main mode of transportation.)

THE END…or is it?

::::::::::::::for those still in the Theater or still on the stage:::::::::::::

::::::::::::::Don’t Stop The Music::::::::::

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16 thoughts on “Earth Suits

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  2. No rooms for rent in my apartment (my own mind).
    I am presently fully occupied with the presence of The Holy Spirit and have no room for anyone else.
    I am letting Him, more than a room mate, do the interior decorating and even from the outside some are noticing how much nicer the place looks.

    SOLD OUT, no other seats available.

    I understand that HE is willing to come into your current dwelling place and do the most amazing reconstruction and interior designing you will every sea, they are out of this world. Late one night he told me He wants to visit you and if you are willing live there as well, maybe even full time if you are interested. CALL: Jeremiah 33:3 for assistance, Jeremiah was an employee as well and, although no longer with us, still giving good information. Call now, it is free.

    Thank you.

    Classic credit hold music while you wait:


  3. I love this! This was truly a blessing. A song I know invites Jesus to walk into every corridor and room of our heart.
    A reminder of Christ that lives and not I… the life I now live in flesh I live by faith through the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.

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    1. Can you recall that song Blueskylighs? I’d love to put it in comment section.

      Thank you for your encouragement in The Lord. God is doing some mighty, major work and renovations in my heart, His temple.

      Pray for me, glory to God and calling for intersession with sincere petitions.


      1. Thank you so much! If you ever get that or already have that song recorded or on some social media/ itunes -whatever source, let me know, we’ll incorporate it if you put your blessing on it and let God use it. THANKS AGAIN.

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