FREE SHOE GIVEAWAY (Acquire & inquire within our souls)

As i got on the other side of my desk today, literally because that is where the ‘sun’ was coming in the window, I noticed what other people felt and saw in front of them as i sat behind the desk.

I thought and prayed for a moment on what other people really see. I “put the shoe on the other foot” so to speak. I lifted up the people i work for, the people i work with and some of the people i serve (again, another type of working “for” someone i realized.

Although we are working “for our pay check” and “for our supervisors” we are actually working “for the public” -in my job and other jobs i have had, from stocking shelves at Publix to cleaning some one in the nursing home, ULTIMATELY i am working for Jesus.

I heard a comedian say,

“Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and you will get to know them better and come to understand their situation better…and you will have their shoes ! ! !” ~that maybe better than buying a $50 pair! 🙂 LOL

With Angel Tree (The Salvation Army Christmas assist. prog. click here for short info. video ) and with thanksgiving assist. programs, meals and basket giveaways there may never be a busier time of the year for those that volunteer, are employees or leaders for us (the body of Christ). However, when we recognize and remember we are only busy  to please Jesus our whole perspective changes, we well as our strength is renewed.

i heard a comedian say,

“My uncles said, ‘you can’t be a stand up comedian! You need to get a real job!!! Look at Jesus, He was a carpenter!!! He worked with His hands ! ! ! ! !” To which the comedian replied, “Yeah but uncle Phil, that was not His main gig!~”



  • get johnny a sled
  • get uncle phil breath mints
  • put up the lights
  • kill the spiders in the garage so my wife can help get to storage unit
  • practice for Christmas pageant
  • buy cards
  • send cards
  • email family holiday letter
  • mail family holiday letter
  • food drive
  • check list for my check list


Remember none of this stuff is the main gig (putting that at the TOP of my to do list).

Obviously we must raise money, work for a living, save and spend wisely  because we can’t get the work we need done or do the work we want to do without paying for it in one way or another. However,  remember that is not your main gig. (Copy this and paste that after each thing on my to do list each time).

Be a tent maker (Paul) but remember that is not your main gig.

Sell and dye expensive purple clothing (Lydia Acts 16:11-15, 40) but remember that is not your main gig.

Collect taxes  (Matthew)  but remember that is not your main gig.

Be a tree climber (Zacchaeus) but remember that is not your main gig.

Play in a band band or do solo work (David) but remember that is not your main gig.

Work on a fishing boat or Charter (Peter)  but remember that is not your main gig.

Retired but can be a participant in certain low impact activities? (1st Kings 17:7-24 Widow from Zarephath) Remember that is not your main gig.

Be involved with a realty company (Ananias & Sapphira Properties Inc. Acts 5:1-11) Remember that is not your main gig.

Be a carpenter (like Jesus, mark 6:3; matthew 13:55) but remember that is not your main gig (The whole Gospel of John) man!

 So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life – and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him.

Click here to go to: Ro. 12:1-2 text. Let it click with you


Let that be your main gig!




Remember the first few words of this post? ….”i got on the other side of my desk today….” I post this just to to encourage you to go on the other side of your office ‘desk’ or home ‘desk’ (where “OTHERS” are ) at some point today because ‘that is where the Son is’ and when the SON begins to reign He will ‘rain’ and ‘reign’ more in your life too.


::::::For those still in the theater ::::::

:::::don’t stop the music::::::

If you please, play this song as you read the last little bit.

(song just as i am lyrics old s.a.s.b. #293)

Thought this devotional thought “FREE SHOE GIVEAWAY” could make a great program/Special or average Sunday message. Use the sole of a shoe or paper outline of a shoe sole for the program cover (bulletin). Better yet, handwrite the program with a sharpie or scripture notes on a cheap flip flop people can use to follow your special meeting and then take it home to chew on the rest of the week (the notes, not the flip flop).

Ask people “What Size are you?” Ask oneself,  “what size are your children?” ask again, “What size are you?”  Then come to accept, whatever size your shoes you are. HE accepts and helps you fill those shoes. He made you to fill your shoes.

Then it is as simple as trying to fill those shoes (live in Him) And letting my children fill their own shoes and other parts of the body of Christ fill their own shoes while i just focus on filling the shoes He gave me to fill.

D & K Band song: (accepted by the one who matters most).


I am not sure what your belief system is like and i don’t want to burst any bubbles but if you don’t believe in St. Nicholas or elves, go to your local Salvation Army and see what they do to celebrate Jesus, the best gift in the world, and to what extent & extremes at times they go to to remind others the reason for the season.

Accepted by the one who matters most………….you & me

Pressing on and filling my shoes……….”beetle” bailey

Click here to get YOUR FREE EARTH SUIT that match the shoes.


Bask in the ‘Son’, soak Him up, and listen to this beautiful song (below this lyrics)

LYRICS: am accepted I am forgiven I am fathered by the true and living God
I am accepted no condemnation I am loved by the true and living God
There’s no guilt or fear as I draw near to the saviour and creator of the world
There is joy and peace as I release my worship to you, O Lord

Link to: click here for –“Size & Sex means nothing”

11 thoughts on “FREE SHOE GIVEAWAY (Acquire & inquire within our souls)

    1. 1 sweet Christ-like little elderly lady from a Church i went to said, “i like your blog. post but i didn’t understand that music part (from post “Peculiare People Pageant” )
      i explained, that is because it is in another language.
      She said, “oh, french?”
      i said no, “80’s rock!”

      Then she literally LOL not knowing she was LOLing. 😉

      Keep focusing on the Sustainer regardless of the container and stay thirsty my friends.


  1. What is YOUR main gig? What is your side job?

    There was a story of a guy who was puzzled that this old book store was still open, there were no cars in the lot. He asked the guy who was busy stocking the shelves with the latest novel by Kyri C. Bailey, “I didn’t think you were open! I saw no cars in the lot. Where is your car?” The employee said with a laugh, “oh yeah i only work down here, i live upstairs, above the store.”

    Realizing i only work down here and i live upstairs (Heaven is my home, Kingdom life here is my temporary dwelling place) i am striving to stay heavenly minded and humble enough to be of some earthly use.

    ~Tom “Beetle” Bailey (written while wearing my earth suit and trying to adjust the suit for a better fit)


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