Where did this FOG come from? (Suicide ‘fog blog’)


1st let me say, i am fine and very stable with my mental health but having said that THIS TIME OF THE YEAR (winter and the holidays) many people struggle with mental health issues. Be aware, “Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it is not there. Just because someone looks okay, doesn’t mean they are. Know the facts, fight the stigma.” If you or your family members all of a sudden seem to ‘be in the fog’ know that it is okay and there is help out there. (Thank you Andrea-Bailey Yates for posting this on FB).

Here is the best story that helped me come to an understanding:

While out on a boat fishing this thick fog rolled in and it got so strong we couldn’t see any land near by, couldn’t see other boats near by. It got so dense that we couldn’t even see each other in the boat if we were more than 3 or 4 feet way from each other. Then it grew to the point where we could not see our own hand in front of our face.

We started to panic a little bit. Our minds started to flood with, “how will be ever get back to shore?” “What if another boat hits us because their visibility it not clear?!” “Will this ever let up?!!” “Did i bring my lunch?!!!” “What if we are out here a really long time, did i bring enough water?!!!!” “I am getting cold, i knew i should have brought that wind breaker my wife said to bring!!!!!” “A person can only survive maybe 3 days without water!!!!” “Wait, is it 3 days or 2 ?!!!!!!!” “I should have paid better attention in school!!!!!!” “This is a stupid trip!!!!!!” “I will never go finishing with this boat company again!!!!!!!!!!!” “THEY should have known this was coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  …and it goes on and on and more and more exclamations go on and questions mix with statements and blame and confusion.

Then the fog eventually rolled away. We could see clearly again. We once again saw those in the boast smiling back at us. There were always boats near by. The land was still there, it didn’t move but when we couldn’t see it we freaked a little.

Friend, there are times when that fog rolls into your mind and for some people the fog rolls in very thick and dense and causes panic, confusion, mania, depression. It may even cause dementia or a psychotic episode (a time of being out of touch with reality -that which is truly happening)

Be considerate with others. Remember they may be going through something that noone else can see. A battle in their mind, regardless of how their heart and Spiritual life is.

Physically we understand when a diabetic goes into a seizure -we get that. But remember in our minds there are endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and a bunch of OTHER CHEMICALS.

There are neurons trying to find and pull into the neurotransmitting  docks  and electrical surges going on trying to send all the right messages.

We are so complex and yes, God helps us physically, Spiritually and mentally but that doesn’t mean we won’t have difficulty from time to time.

Love others as He loved you, in your darkest sinful condition.

Remember people are human (as silly as that sounds we need to remember how fragile we and others are) show compassion and understanding for you never know when the fog will roll in on someone next to you and if you have lovingly made your presence aware to them even in their confusion they may know enough and feel comfortable enough to call out for help.

The Story above came from Major (at the time) John Needham, a Salvation Army Officer who was stationed in Clearwater at the time. Given at the funeral of my friend’s grandfather (who committed suicide).

Pressing on,

Staying balanced,

Calling for Help when i need it,

Tom “Beetle” Bailey

Back when wrote this:

I worked at The Salvation Army of Saint Augustine, Florida

That was also my church. Visit their  Facebook page:


And if you’re ever in beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida visit 

at 1425 Old Dixie Highway Saint Augustine, FL 32084

904-824-6956 Ext. 4407

If this blog post  got a gut reaction from you go to:

“You made me do it!”


Greg X. Voltz “Feelings”

(Audio) – Feelings
Album: No Room In The Middle (1989) by Greg X Volz
Thanks to http://www.petrafiles.com/petraspecti… for the invaluable support!
Words and Lyrics: Dave Eden y Joe Grier
Martin Luther (1483-1546)

Feelings come and feelings go
But feelings are deceiving
I’ll place my faith in the Word of the Lord
Nothing else is worth believing

Been on this roller coaster too many days
Riding in a circus of emotion
I get up on the high wire
Then down in the lion’s cage
My feelings have been ruling my devotion
I feel like a strong man, I feel like a clown
I let my feelings push me up and down
Who can help me off this merry-go-round
And tell me what is real? Can I trust what I feel?

Peanuts and popcorn and I’m feeling okay
I get excited when the dancing bear dances
But can I serve Him when the band doesn’t play
Will I trust Him through these changing circumstances
If it feels good, they say, “It can’t be wrong”
But love is more than a calliope song
How can I get back to where I belong
And get off this ferris wheel
I’ve got to live what is real


Let’s be patient with them and let them loving know, we are there for them.

3 Things to do in The Fog go to: http://wp.me/p6Exj2-27d


16 thoughts on “Where did this FOG come from? (Suicide ‘fog blog’)

    1. Thank you, i did not plan on doing this blog today but a friend of mine came to me today and said their friend’s husband just committed suicide and then i read on FB a mental health awareness thing my niece posted and in prayer it just had to come out.

      Thank you again for reading AND letting me know you read it and how it helped and What The Holy Spirit said to you by reading it.


  1. Maybe you have hear of ways to spot a Stroke coming on (F.A.S.T.). 4 simple things that match that acronym to help you to remember what signs to look for in family members, friends and even strangers to know they are having a physical stroke.

    Well, you’ll have to google”F.A.S.T. Stroke signs” if you’re so inclined to do to, however, there are some signs that indicate when someone may be suicidal. There are some things that we can notice and consider looking at when someone is dealing with mental health issues. SIGNS

    To find out what these signs are you will have to get the advice of a medical professional, (i am a patient not a doctor). I WOULD LOVE IF SOMEONE PUTS A LINK IN REPLY TO THIS.

    I can tell you this, without judging, you may see a few things that tells you, that person, for whatever season MAY NOT be firing on all cylinders. Things in their brain MAY NOT be connecting correctly. They are in a fog. It has nothing to do with their Spiritual life any more than a stroke has to do with their Spiritual life. Mental Health is often if not always a medical issue, not a Spiritual one.

    It is important to know, contrary to what you may believe, “Nothing others do is because of you.”
    I love/hate that and it took a while to wrap my brain around it. We influence and are influenced but ultimately we use our own free will to choose what we do or do not do.

    “When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be a victim of needless suffering” Don Miguel Ruiz

    (go to: “YOU MADE ME DO IT ! ! ! ! https://tombeetlebailey.wordpress.com/2015/11/19/you-made-me-do-it/)

    Be kind one to another, you never know what is going on with a person physically, mentally, financially, Spiritually, socially or other wise.

    God knows and that is His job, our job and responsibility is to just love them as He loved us.


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  4. Valerie Pennell

    Thanks Tom I still struggle time to time, but I’ve made it and I’m a functioning adult. Knowing I’m prone to it, it helps to keep myself in check with a different prospective. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, knowing is half the battle and knowing triggers and not letting those triggers be pulled. I remember when i was in the same hosp. just in the adult section. Love in Jesus Valerie.
      Thanks for your feedback, it is music to my ears, knowing the Word is getting out there.


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