Moaning Lisa -careful how you paint

296841_10150295941671655_2050564954_nI got permission from Scott Strissel to use this photo.

I may revisit this thought but had to put this post out there before my back surgery, after that it will be a while until i am able to sit at a computer.

The basic concept is if we look at that original painting of Mona Lisa unless we are in the art gallery that it hangs in we are not looking at that original painting by the artist.

When we look at it we may want to alter it, from what the artist originally intended. I think Scott did a GREAT job doing that.

Although i have been gathering notes to write this post eventually, his picture inspired me to geter’ done NOW!

When you personally look at the Mona Lisa you may want do something with it as well. Have you ever wanted to make that original painting ‘more attractive’?

Maybe it could be better if you altered the lips into more of a smile, however that is not what the artist painted.

I don’t think too many people would be offended by this alteration, however we know some will be. More importantly, i don’t think our Heavenly Father is offended by Scott’s rendering and that is who we ultimately want to please (Our Father in Heaven), regardless of other critiques (amazing how facts and opinions get so mixed up).

However, The Father is offended if we paint Him, His Word, His Son, His Spirit poorly or worse yet, make alterations.

So this is just a caution, when painting Jesus, and i don’t mean literally with oil paints, water colors, spray cans (graffiti) or even paint pens i mean showing other’s His true character in how His Spirit lives in us the only way to paint HIM clearly is to simply:

  • Read Him (read or really listen to The Bible)
  • Internalize Him (living word in us -how He directs from the inside)
  • Apply Him (live by his B.i.b.l.e. as accurately as possible)

All this by relationship not religion

Careful how you paint.

May include:

handle word of God, word of truth accurately Scripture verses

If living in the light (Spirit) walk in the light (spirit) (verses)

Original notes that inspired this post are in my personal Journal #52 and some in #53. Thank you Scott, once again, for taking that picture and posting it, that is what almost forced me to go ahead and complete this post, or at least get it out there, i could not keep it in.

(Jer. 20:8-9)



7 thoughts on “Moaning Lisa -careful how you paint

  1. Karen Dawson

    Thank you Tom, you made a very important point. I will say a prayer for you as you are going to have surgery. I pray dear Lord that you would guide and direct the doctors hands and give him wisdom. I pray for a speedy recovery for Tom. Lord Tom is important to people because he brings your word forth. Amen we will miss you Tom.

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    I put this video/music at the end of several post in the comment section because even the first few words say so much.
    This is by the band “Styx”

    Do you hear what i hear, the world crying out to see real authentic Jesus lived out faithfully by people they they know? Here is “DCTalk” with the song What If I Stumble

    We preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with our actions more than from behind a pulpit on a Sunday Morning or Wednesday Night.

    Need KEITH GREEN song here, “To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice.”
    If you don’t laugh you’ll cry but most importantly i pray you also will learn, change constantly and grow in The Lord Jesus Christ:

    Whether we want to or not we are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ with our actions more than from behind a pulpit on a Sunday Morning or Wednesday Night.


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