Elevator Muzik

i’d like to just let these 4 songs be the mode of transportation for what God laid on my heart a few minutes ago.

To listen to all of them it may take 12 minutes but i just had to share it, perhaps you’ll hear the same thing and be glad you took the time. If you only have about 3 min. and 6 seconds the 1 video/song to hear would be “Just what i need” by the band “Prodigal” then read on.

Did ya get the message from these song lyrics? If nothing else just listen to “just what i need” by the band “Prodigal”

I asked, “Who is telling us what we need? Are we listening to them and giving in to wants or driven by a higher power who clarifies our needs and separates that from our wants?”

Consider with me,  “what are the real desires of your heart.” He promises He will give those to us.

Maybe you’re like me, my desires and nature have been renewed and now i desire HIM above everything else and as i “walk above the maze” he reminds me i am not missing out on anything down there in that lost mess of confusion.

Pressing On,

Tom “Beetle” Bailey

I work at The Salvation Army of Saint Augustine, Florida

That is also my church. Visit our Facebook page:


And if you’re ever in beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida visit us

at 1425 Old Dixie Highway Saint Augustine, FL 32084

904-824-6956 Ext. 4407

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