True Prophets are non-profit, False Prophets are for profit (wages).

I am seeking treasures from above.

pressing words

Jeremiah 5:14 says therefore this is what the Lord God Almighty says: “Because the people have spoken these words, I will make my words in your mouth a fire and these people the wood it consumes. Here God is speaking to false prophets and His words are a very powerful rendition of our words coming back around to bite us in the butt. It is foolish to think that you can go around spreading lies and not get caught eventually but it is down right ignorant to think you can lie using Gods word and think He doesn’t already know. The Lords word is sacred and it should be treated as such not used to back up bad intentions. If your going to be a crummy person don’t drag Gods word into it and demean its power, that is the very reason why people these days have trouble believing.

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