Taking my foot off the gas pedal -online Journal entry


“I am taking my foot off the gas pedal, coasting to a stop, pulling off the road and putting my hazard lights on”

Those around me, those who may be behind me in traffic, those on up a head, keep going i’ll catch up; but i got to just stop for a little, pull off, out of life’s traffic and spend time in solitary prayer.

Oh, i’ll get back on the road, i am not broke down, just pushing my engine to hard i think, that is what it sounds like. And if anyone knows, i know, that if you push it to hard it will overheat and then you’ll have no choice but to pull over.

I’m not going to be late for work, i’m not calling in sick cause i am sitting by the side of the road, a workaholic doesn’t do that.

I’m just going to let my engine cool a little. Those still driving keep driving. Those behind me,


We are in this race together but i know i must focus on my engine and my place in the race.

That is all i wanted to say in this blog post. I gently nod my head to anyone else who needs to pull off beside me and thank those who radio into me, “are you okay?” I answer back, “never better good buddy, just let ner’ cool off so i can keep er’ runnin’ the whole race.”

Learning how to accept life  as it comes at me. Sometimes he makes me Lie down.


Pressing on,

at God’s pace,

Tom “Beetle” Bailey

Learning how to accept life as if comes at me.

To read a poem my son wrote when he was at one of the worse times in his life, before Christ (B.C.) go to: Ward Yard Spit. He said when he first read this post of mine it took him back to when he had similar feeling and difficulties… but that was B.C. what a hope we have that we didn’t have before Christ.

i’m still learning some Christians are PRICKS, a real thorn in my side and i am learning  HOW TO kick against the pricks, accept ing that there are weeds around us and a thorn in my side but HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT.

 Note: you may note words in a different color, those are links. Click them and it will take you to post on that subject.

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7 thoughts on “Taking my foot off the gas pedal -online Journal entry

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