You may want to get that looked at!

collene growth

This one picture spoke volumes to me!

When i saw this picture of my sister (Collene Barnhouse) seen here at “Busch Gardens” in the “Bush” I jokingly replied, “You may want to get that growth looked at!”

Starting off my day,  only on my 1st cup of coffee i had been in prayer with my heavenly Father since i roused from my tossing and turning sleep, into the hot shower, into the car then into the office. When i took a quick look at FB i saw the picturecollene growth (on the right).

While her and her oldest daughter (Shelly Ford) were spending a great day at this amusement park i can only imagine how posing for this shot came to their mind, but i am so glad it did !

I  just had to reply and just after i replied my mind was flooded with metaphors. Ya see, i realized today that God speaks to me more often than not with metaphors, stories or even pictures with double meanings.  He spoke to me yesterday with another analogy that for me was very applicable (see post –Who’s your father? ).

For me God answers some of life’s most difficult questions and dilemmas for me with a simple down to earth story or example that has a heavenly meaning, much like when Christ spoke in parables and many times would let people come to a conclusion of how The Holy Spirit was trying to interpret that, convey that message to them. Mode of Transportation

People are going to look at us. Listen to us, what we say verbally and non-verbally, and we say a lot without even opening our mouths!

I had to ask myself, “what are you saying tom?”

If i am truly living dead to self and alive to Him (Christ) i should be living and ‘being’ like Him. My actions should show other characteristics of God.

Many of us may have a screwed up view of God because we thought we were seeing the true Him in a pastor, a church leader, or a friend who sometimes lived hot, other times cold and was lukewarm for the most part.

Well, in my relationship with Christ, He is still working on me, but i am realizing more and more the less selfish i am and the more i ask Him and let Him be Lord  (He>i) the more He shines through me and i can be completely see through.  AND, if He is living in me i may want others to look at me, i do want others to look at me.

When i am living for myself and caught up in sin i don’t want anyone to look, i don’t even want to look at myself but when Christ is truly producing His fruit in me (the fruit of The Holy Spirit) i recognize that THAT is something others “need” to look at. I need to get that looked at!

A friend of mine (Jeff Noel)  and i were talking the other day and he said, “ya know if people see Jesus in me let them look all you want.”

Christians, Church (the body of Christ), you may want to get your life looked at. If you’ve got some sawdust in your eye or you have a plank in your own eye, like i have, get THAT looked at, i know a good soul Doctor in Christ Jesus. He can remove it and then you too can help others with their vision and let them see Jesus in you.

I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and i will take a stand and let others look, not at me but to see Him in me.

Pressing On,

Tom “Beetle” Bailey

I work at The Salvation Army of Saint Augustine, Florida

That is also my church. Visit our Facebook page:

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15 thoughts on “You may want to get that looked at!

    1. still working on it but hit publish anyway, will be adding in comments some videos that tie in. Thanks Karen, always good to get feed back, let’s me know the mic. is on LOL 🙂

      I wanted to get this one out there for people to look at and not delay. As you know, we do need to get this life of Christ looked at by others. Thanks for doing your part in the body.

      I am refraining from going off on other parts of the body that seem paralyzed but praying the Holy Spirit will heal them and that they will either be amputated before gangrene effects the rest of the body or they will be fully healed and function as the true body of Christ, not a hoax.


  1. -Lyrics-

    I wanna live this life unsafe, unsure, but not afraid
    What I want is to give all I got somehow
    Giving up, letting go of control right now

    ‘Cause I’m already out here, blind, but I can see
    I see the way You’re moving
    God, how I believe that

    I can push back the mountains, can stand on the waves
    I can see through the darkness, I’ll hold up the flame
    Take me to the ocean, I wanna go deeper
    I’m not afraid no, I’m a believer

    And so I lose this life to find my way and come alive
    They can try to deny what’s inside of me
    But there is more, can’t ignore all the things unseen

    ‘Cause I’m already out here, blind but I can see
    I see the way You’re moving
    God how I believe that

    I can push back the mountains, can stand on the waves
    I can see through the darkness, I’ll hold up the flame
    Take me to the ocean, I wanna go deeper
    I’m not afraid no, I’m a believer

    Oh, I believe I can walk on water with You, Lord

    When I walk through the valley of the shadows
    When I’m trapped in the middle of the battle
    I will trust in You
    ‘Cause trouble comes, but You never let it take me
    I hold fast ’cause I know that You will save me
    I will trust in You
    I will trust in You

    Oh, here I stand, all alone
    waiting on you, Lord
    Waiting on You

    I can push back the mountains, can stand on the waves
    I can see through the darkness, I’ll hold up the flame
    Take me to the ocean, I wanna go deeper
    I’m not afraid no,
    No, I’m a believer

    No, I’m a believer, yeah
    yes, I’m a believer

    Oh, I’ll never leave You, oh
    I’m a believer.


  2. The public school is a mission field! From this project by the band Audio Adrenaline hear how YOU CAN’T BE CENSORED:
    You can take a stand in your public school

    Before any of you get mad that prayer is being band in some public schools, stop and pray at home regularly with your own family.

    Is prayer in your home banned? Are you doing it at home, more than just a short prayer before a meal in hopes that no one gets a belly ache cause you didn’t do that ritualistic thing you must methodically, almost superstitiously do before every meal?



  3. Yes i am a fan of Audio Adrenaline, the rich past as well as the NEW Audio Adrenaline (with singer Kevin MAX From former DC Talk) as much as i am of The Newsboys, with their rich and powerful past and yet going on with new singer (also formerly from the band DCtalk -why can’t i think of his name?!?!?!?!). And Toby Mac (formerly from DcTalk) doing solo work!

    It’s not just the sound and the beat and the truly rich musicianship but their message, what they are saying, well worth looking at!

    For me God uses bands and their music to speak to my soul louder than most sermons i have ever heard or even given from any pulpit in the church buildings around the world.


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  5. someone said to me today, reminded me that there are some growths, like a tiny little mole that look harmless but are a sign of cancer.
    Praying, “Lord Jesus, heal me, even the tiniest thing that is offensive to you please remove for i can be slightly soiled yet greatly reduced in price. Thank you for paying the price (wages of sin) and wash me so i will be whiter than snow, a clean, pure bride waiting for your arrival.

    Christians, if we have a growth that is stunting our spiritual growth we definitely want to get the Chief Physician to look at it and remove it so we can grow as he wants.

    Also, the other end of the spectrum, even the smallest witness can touch others. Even the tiniest gesture that is Christ like and in His name if others see it, we show it The Holy Spirit will use it.

    SImply offering a cup of cold water in His name. Being kind and thoughtful to someone. a smile says so much without any words being uttered.

    Christians, if you’re growing in Christ, ya may want to get THAT growth looked at by others. That will plant seeds and help them grow too.


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