I like the Father but not all the family members

HT_hoarder_home_10_jef_150415_4x3_992I like the father but not all the family members.

Funny how the dad may be a good man but you just can not stand his kids!

Ever feel like that?

Now, the other end of the spectrum; I like the family members but not the father of THAT house.

When i was just a little boy i had a friend who i got along GREAT with. He was what people would say today, “my BFF (Best Friend Forever)”. We did everything together but when he would invite me over for dinner or to stay the night i hesitated because once, when going to his house for dinner i encountered his dad and they had these rules at the dinner table that i was not aware of

  • Don’t talk unless your spoken to
  • Eat everything on your plate

(if you eat it all then they will give you more and you must eat all that and if you eat all that they would give you more and then you find yourselves overly stuffed and sitting there miserable cause it was too much to handle at the time in one setting but you were expected to eat it all, clear your plate!)

  • Don’t lean on the table
  • Sit up straight
  • Don’t make eye contact
  • Be sure you not only have a shirt on but a certain type of shirt (must have a collar but no jacket required)
  • never wear a jacket with a hood or sweat jacket at the table (no matter how cold and uncomfortable you may be)
  • Don’t reach across the table
  • Take of your hat

I am positive i am forgetting some of the rules and i am sure there were even more rules i was never aware of but then again, the rules were pending on how sober or kindhearted that father (head of the house/king of the castle) was feeling at that particular moment. Rules were made up as they went along in life and some of those rules didn’t apply at times but at other times were overly emphasized if he had a bad day before work, while at work, after work, or even on a Saturday night when he didn’t even work that day.

All it took was that one experience and i was not going back!

So, i loved everybody in that family except the father and the father, being the head of that household, called the shots and set up a completely different environment  that everyone there had to fit into, a Precedent to be followed.

Jump with me into a conversation i’d have with my childhood friend Scott (fictional name):

Scott:  u  wanna comon’over to our house 4 supper?

Me: nah.

Scott: Stay the night?

Me: Na uh!!  Uh Uh!!! No way!!!! Never!!!!!

Scott: My dad’s gone this weekend.

Me: Sure what time?!

See what i’m saying?

Church, body of Christ, those called Christian (Christ like or follower of Jesus’ ways) Do people enjoy being around you? Do they see characteristics of our Heavenly Father in you?

Leaders, heads of the house of God, Pastors, Sunday School teachers, Church members, is Christ truly the head of the house (your home and church life)? Do people want to come to the place you call God’s House? Do they see the Heavenly Father’s true characteristics and love, grace, mercy being shared in pure fellowship or do they see it is run by a father who lays down a list of unwritten legalistic laws/rules that you must abide by or you’re not welcome, let alone going straight to hell for breaking?

Our whole Church (where the body of Christ’s gathers) may need a make over. I don’t mean the drapes and the carpet,  Or is it just me?

Reply below if you like.

Just food for thought.

Pressing On,

Tom “Beetle” Bailey

When I wrote this I worked at The Salvation Army of Saint Augustine, Florida

That was also my church. Visit our Facebook page:


And if you’re ever in beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida visit

at 1425 Old Dixie Highway Saint Augustine, FL 32084

904-824-6956 Ext. 4407

If you got this message and God spoke to you, challenged you, stirred you through this please go to “You may want to get that looked at” post (mentioned above as “Our whole Church” may need a make over)

I was formerly a drummer now i am just an Instrument.

 For post where i used songs from the band RUSH as a mode of transportation go to: Moving Pictures.
And here are some other modes of transportation to consider:

15 thoughts on “I like the Father but not all the family members

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  2. When we love, when we love the least of these…They will know we are Christians by our love…They come to know what God is like when we let Him love and move through us IN HIS NAME

    If not us who will be like Jesus, Like Jesus (Christ-like) to the least of these?


    Little hands, shoeless feet, lonely eyes looking back at me
    Will we leave behind the innocent to grieve
    On the road, on the run when their lives have only begun
    These could be our daughters and our sons
    And just like a drum I can hear their hearts beating
    I know my God won’t let them be defeated
    Every child has a dream to belong and be loved

    Boys become kings, girls will be queens
    Wrapped in Your majesty
    When we love, when we love the least of these
    Then they will be brave and free
    Shout Your name in victory
    When we love, when we love the least of these
    When we love the least of these

    If not us who will be like Jesus to the least of these?
    If not us who will be like Jesus to the least of these?
    If not us who will be like Jesus, LIKE JESUS to the least of these?

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  3. WOw! The sermon Major Ronald Mott shared was right along the same lines of this Blog post the Holy Spirit laid on my heart to write!

    Another amazing sign of the great I AM as apposed to simply irony; after church today i encountered a guy in this strip mall (someone who was modeling the Publix near our house) and i struck up a conversation with him. Some how he got onto, “we ‘suppose’ to go to church on Saturday cause that really be da sabaff.” I smiled and said, “brother, i worship Him everyday, not once a week.” With that any debate or argument was over.


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