Dream – A Mode of Transportation


When talking about the dream Jacob had as recorded in Genesis 28:10-27, one person replied that as a kid they always thought,

That is what happens when you use a rock for a pillow!” (Gen. 28:11)

It wasn’t:

  • It wasn’t the stone that brought on this dream.
  • It wasn’t the fatigue of traveling so far.
  • It wan’t fear from being chased by a brother (Gen. 27:41)

It was God;

  • Allowing Jacob to see that there is a connection between heaven and earth.
  • It was a way to show that God seeks us out for a relationship with Him
  • It was a revelation of a highway of angels descending and ascending.

This dream was a mode God was using to transport information to this man Jacob. It was a  ‘mode of transportation!’

In this short post i don’t want to focus on; the nap/ much needed sleep, the stone, the ladder, highway, stairway, but on the dream.

Since Adam and Eve God has made a connection, a way of communication, a relationship that is to be built, cherished and developed.

What mode of transportation does God use to speak to you? A dream? A Walk? A Climb? A Friend? A Church meeting? An object lesson? Pain? Sorrow? Fear? Solitude? Crowds?

I am listening to His word and feeling His nudge to my heart.

Are you? please leave a reply.

Pressing On,

Tom “Beetle” Bailey

I work at The Salvation Army of Saint Augustine, Florida

That is also where i gather with other believers (my church).

It the video below i noted this comment, “A Jacob’s Ladder is the type of high voltage “climbing arc” display seen in many old (and usually bad) Sci-Fi movies. Jacob’s Ladder come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Nature has it’s own version.”

For those who know God and have developed or are developing a personal relationship with his through Christ we see things differently than the world does.

Enjoy this display and musical accompaniment:

If you’re interested in other post using Rush songs click those little red words (link Rush Songs).


I was formerly a drummer now i am just an Instrument.

 For post where i used songs from the band RUSH as a mode of transportation go to: Moving Pictures.
And here are some other modes of transportation to consider:

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