Bigger Moving Picture -Natural Science

“Living in their pools they soon forget about the Sea”…

I recall as a pre-teen a friend of mine explaining the deeper meaning behind lyrics from the philosophical songs of the Progressive rock band RUSH.

This song, “Natural Science” has some lines in it that really caused me to ponder somethings and see some parallels, object lessons if you will.

In the beginning of the song note this lyric:

I: Tide Pools

When the ebbing tide retreats
Along the rocky shoreline
It leaves a trail of tidal pools
In a short-lived galaxy
Each microcosmic planet
A complete society

A simple kind mirror
To reflect upon our own
All the busy little creatures
Chasing out their destinies
Living in their pools
They soon forget about the sea…

I’ve reflected on this. Much like these busy little creatures who live in their own little pool, so also we are in our own little world, our own subdivision, our own  city, state, country. We are even divided up into counties, we focus on ‘our area’, our local neighborhood. And we should, however, let us not forget there is a whole world out there. Let us also not forget that even within those we come into contact with each day there are those who are lost, as once were we.

Don’t forget about the Sea from which you came.

Don’t be asleep in the light.

Get back out into the world around you. No longer just meet with those you love. Go and love the unlovable as Christ has loved you.

Some people use music to show their love. Some people write. Some preach on the corner. Some visit the sick. What mode of transportation will you use to spread the good news, the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Pressing On,

Tom “Beetle” Bailey

I work at The Salvation Army of Saint Augustine, Florida

That is also my church. Visit our Facebook page:

And if you’re ever in beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida visit us

at 1425 Old Dixie Highway Saint Augustine, FL 32084

IF you are growing and you remember what it was like when someone shared with you what it really meant to be a Christian you may want to get that GROWTH looked at.

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5 thoughts on “Bigger Moving Picture -Natural Science

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  3. On fb my sister Pauline commented,
    “Thank you for the reminder…it is not so much about gathering with believers as is….going to the unbelievers. We can NEVER get too busy for what He has called us to do.”

    I replied, “Gathering Vs. Going….hmmmm I like that! As Prog. Coord. I always invested more time & energy on programs that reach out Vs. Programs we just do naturally/usually (men’s club & Bible study).”


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