Spirit-Led Church–Where Ordinary People Are The Playmakers

This blended so well with the way the Holy spirit has been leading us in Saint Augustine, FL Here is the link to my post that relates: https://tombeetlebailey.wordpress.com/2015/10/28/holy-spirit-lead-meeting/
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Go with the best flows!

–Life’s a flow show — currents streaming in us and around us — rivers flow, sap flows, blood flows, thoughts flow, emotions flow, time flows, information flows. But not all flows are equal — love flows and even evil flows.
–Are the rivers you’re streaming releasing a rush of peace, kindness, goodness, and joy? Or frustration, conflict, deception, and misery?
–For a happy life, go with the best flows! And resist the rest of them.

Church also flows, if we let it.  Experience the miracle of a Spirit-directed church meeting with no human program:
1) It doesn’t collapse into chaos;
2) No one person takes control;
3) As people spontaneously share, an invisible Leader becomes obvious;
4) People are spiritually touched and dramatically sense God’s presence.

Fans can’t change the outcome of a game — however, the outcome of a game is unpredictable because…

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4 thoughts on “Spirit-Led Church–Where Ordinary People Are The Playmakers

  1. I love what Steve writes at the end of this post, “We oversee the meeting and if anything is out of God’s order, we thank the person for sharing (add a word of correction if necessary) and turn the meeting back over to the Spirit. The results are always amazing. The meeting usually flows with a theme and everything blends together, demonstrating the invisible leadership of the Spirit.”

    Thank you Steve for being “Living Proof” that God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways and letting people participate in meetings can be not only fun but a rich, deep blessing!


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