Marching as to War

This is one of the most powerful and challenging things i have red!

pressing words

My past, once whittling me away, reeked with sorrow and was abused with any and all attempts using whatever I could find for the cheapest price. I breathed smoke more than I did oxygen and you could trace a whole zoo of self-medication in my hair follicles. Though it was more than just the using; I had felonies stacked up waiting for the police to find them, fingerprints all over a new age of Sodom and Gomorrah and sting operations creeping around my entrepreneurial endeavors. When I wasn’t ripping people off I was raiding there sock drawers and between the spray paint, breaking, and entering I was condemning a trail of property behind me. If it wasn’t hitting on your siblings it was because you weren’t a close enough friend and the list continues like this getting worse and worse.

With a past like mine a future seemed dim at…

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