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The first one places emphasis on the importance of a prayer journal

Prayer Journalism -The Importance of

This post is a HOW TO:

How to start:

  • Make sure your name is on the front as well as the month and year you’re starting this journal. Leave room on the front to write the month and year in which you finished or filled this journal. You may even want to number your journals. Obviously this would be Journal #1 if this is your first one, maybe you kept one in the past but never really kept track. Consider this #2 because then you can refer back to journal #1.
  • Inside the front cover write information on how to get this journal back to you if it is ever lost.
  • Number the pages (may do just the even or odd pages).
  • Page one should describe what this journal is. Write a little bit on what your intentions are, for example you may write,

‘this is a journal I am keeping to help my prayer life. In this journal I am writing prayers for people, places and things God lays on my heart. An index is in the back to help me find things.’

You may also tape or glue in a program cover, typed notes, pictures, ticket stubs or a flyer. Remember this is YOUR journal and you can add whatever YOU want. People who love to scrapbook love to make it more like a scrapbook that a typical journal. AWESOME! If it is more pictures than words you can still use it to help you focus in prayer. Insert anything that is helpful in reflecting back on moments of YOUR LIFE WITH GOD.



  • After making sure all the pages are numbered go to the very back of your journal. On the last page list vertically, straight down; people, places, and things. This is not a wish list. You should also writing down things your thankful for (count your blessings). Do not write a sentence, just one word or name on each line. First names are great for confidentiality purposes. Remember, even though this is a private journal it could get into anyone’s hands.
  • After recording a few subjects go back up to the top of that list and to the right of the names or subjects you’ve listed put a page number that leads you toward the front of the journal. The things at the top of the list will obviously be in the early pages of the journal (page 1,2,3 and such).
    On one of those pages in the front of your journal
  • Write the same name or subject matter that your index list refers to.
  • Then, be sure to write the date. (for example on the last page in the back of my journal i write,  “mom” at the top of my list because i am praying specifically for my mom. Then on the first blank page in the front of my journal i write, “Mom and today’s date”).
  • Now you’re ready to write some details. (I would be writing a prayer for my mom lifting her up to the Lord and interceding for her with petitions and praise to God for my mom)
  • At the end write Continue on page or Results ______ and leave this blank.
    As time goes by and you continue to pray for that subject. You’ll be looking to your index, going to the page where the prayer started and continuing on. (At the end of the prayer for my mom i would write “Continue on page ___” or i would just write the word “Results___” and leave that blank until i need to plug a page # into that blank line letting me know where to find my continued prayer for my mom and the results and answers to prayers for her)

Key to Organization:
TO HELP KEEP THINGS ORGANIZED WHEN YOU WRITE A PAGE NUMBER IN THAT “CONTINUED ON PAGE ____” ALSO WRITE IT IN YOUR INDEX (LOCATED IN THE BACK OF YOUR JOURNAL). NEXT TO THE PERSONS NAME YOU WERE PRAYING FOR. This makes it much easier to find the last page where you left off with that subject. Your index should indicate where you started and where you left off last.

(For example in the back of my prayer journal my mom’s name or simply “mom” would be listed then next to her name the page number i started praying for and as time goes on i will be writing page numbers next to my mom’s name correlating with the pages i wrote the prayers  for her)


When you’re ready to continue to another page on that same subject go to a page that has room and record just as you did when you started but be sure to write the person’s name, write “Continued from page ___” in that blank write the page number that has the last prayer you wrote regarding that subject.

Remember to also write the new page number in your index next to the initial page number.
Make sure the starting page number and the, ‘continued on’, page number are both listed next to that subjects in your index. For some subjects, before long you’ll have several page numbers listed to the right of that subject.
When continuing
Fill in the “continued on page ____” with the page number you’re going to. ALSO WRITE THAT PAGE # IN INDEX
On the new page write the subject matter you’re praying for or about.
Then, be sure to write the date.
Now, before you write details be sure to write,
“Continued from page ____.”
Then you’re ready to write/pray some more details.
Make that into your prayer for that particular subject matter.
At the end, once again, write Continue on page ______ and leave this blank.

Index              Subjects                 Page                    Number

( The words above are so you can cut out the words above to paste at the top of each page in back of journal to help keep your journal neat. Remember you work from the back forward with the index.)

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I hope this makes sense and is helpful. When i share this with people in person  i am able to show them what i mean, writing it out is much harder. Please feel free to contact me or post comments.

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The entire series in one long post: PRAYER JOURNALISM (with a few variations)

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