Invisible WAR (Chip Ingram Living On The Edge)

Chip Ingram and Living on the Edge


Here is the entire audio series in order:

1. We must become aware of the Invisible War. (session 1) 101 Part 1 for audio go to

101 Part 2  for audio go to

2. We must learn to appropriate God’s protection for daily living. (session 2) 201 Part1 for audio go to

201 Part 2   for audio go to

3. We must learn to engage the enemy with supernatural weapons. (session 3)301 Part 1   for audio go to

301 Part 2 for audio go to

4. We must utilize God’s means of deliverance when spiritually attacked. (session 4) 401 Part 1 for audio go to

401 Part 2 for audio go to

This is available for free and to share on FaceBook. When you go to the audio link you can also get free notes. For more material to be used in a small group or with your church go to:

I hope this will be a bit of a teaser to encourage you to not only dig deeper into The Word Of God but look at the material Chip Ingram and Living On The Edge has available.

Here is a sample from Session two part two of the series The Invisible War

Spiritual Warfare 201: How to Prepare (Part 2) Yourself for Spiritual Battle Ephesians 6:13-15

Introduction: The South Pacific after World War II Was Won

• Pockets of guerrilla warfare continued on hundreds of islands.

• The victory had been won, but battles continued and lives were lost; the bullets were real.

• The same is true spiritually:

1. Satan was defeated at the Cross.

2. Sin’s penalty was paid for all people for all time.

3. Sin’s power was broken.

4. Yet, Satan and his host of fallen angels engage in guerrilla warfare to discourage, deceive, divide, and destroy God’s people and God’s program.

5. Believers are commanded to equip and prepare themselves in the strength of the Lord and in His mighty power to stand firm against the enemy’s schemes, repel his multi-faceted attacks, and engage and defeat him in specific battles. Ephesians 6:10-12

201 Part 2 –


It is my hope and prayer that this blog containing this info. by Chip Ingram and Living on The Edge with help you understand we are in an invisible war,we must be equipped for it and God will ALWAYS have the victory if we rely on HIM in The Name Of The Lord Jesus Christ.

I did another post featuring a very insightful series in which Chip goes into detail of what it means to truly Follow Jesus.

For more you may want to go to: Living On The Edge Facebook Page or

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