Object Lesson (New Heaven New Earth)

I am still working on this with a brother in Christ (Cadet Gavin Yeatts)


Below is link to site that explains



-Saucer to pour milk into.
-Milk=This world (creation as we know it)
-Food color= different people
-2 containers= 1 container marked sin with soap in it 2nd container marked salvation with just water in it.

1st time Fill dish with milk, drop food color in, drop dish soap in, watch swirl then it goes to murky mess of colors (not so pretty anymore).

2nd time  discuss how God is creating a new heaven and new earth, things need to be redone (1st time God redid/reset things with flood/ Noah and Ark but soon sin messed it up again, like what we see today so here is what God wants…

This 2nd time drop in 2nd container of water (marked salvation) and notice –shouldn’t swirl like milk made it swirl by itself, but you can use a cotton swab to mix but not mix until murky.
HAVE NOT TRIED IT YET, be sure it works before you do it live with class.

note- link recommends putting soap on cotton swab so MAY use one cotton swab representing Adam (with drop of soap on swab representing sin of Adam) 2nd time redo saucer with fresh milk and colors in it and use a 2nd cotton swab (WITH NO soap on it) representing The Last Adam aka Jesus with no sin (Ro. 5:12-21; 1st Co. 15:45). Swab can mix colors in a controlled manner and without making it murky but swab with sin (soap) on it goes out of control and the soap will cause all colors to run together uncontrollably, the more sin (soap) you add the more it all runs out of control, pretty much once soap is in milk. It will get to the point of the milk no longer just mixed with nice color blend but gray and murky mess.

note-Repeat the experiment using water in place of milk. Will you get the same eruption of color? Maybe the milk is the difference. When we get to the new heaven and new earth things will be completely different. The soap may need to represent sin the 1st time. but when you do it over again with water in dish the soap (maybe in a different container) can represent God’s Salvation. The world will change, God’s 2nd creation (new Heaven and new earth) and rather than sin being added Salvation will be added. (put soap into two different containers – one marked sin one marked salvation).

I tried to post Video here but just couldn’t. It is on my FaceBook page (TomBeetle Bailey)


Each time you start over with new plate, fresh milk, add colors, WHEN YOU ADD SOAP, even a drop on the end of a cotton swab tip eventually those colors run and blend until it is a murky mess, no longer beautiful but if you don’t add in the soap, just move cotton swab around enough (with out soap aka rep. sin) you can blend the colors and come up with a beautiful mix of colors. God knows what he is doing. He tried to give us a fresh chance with Noah, the flood and the Ark but we humans blew it again. One last chance is give now, The Last Adam (Ro. 5:12-21 1st Co. 15:45) has come -He who knew no sin and invites us to be part of a NEW kingdom, we pray Lord, Your kingdom come. If God created THIS world in 6 days and rested on the 7th how much more beautiful is heaven and new earth going to be, he’s been working on that for over 2,000 years.

Looking for Keith Green song (video) to plug in here, where he says that.

Also want to plug in what Cadet Gavin Yeatts come up with.

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