Back in the day…may History Repeat itself.

sa— “Preaching” In Early Salvation Army Meetings —
“William Booth clearly favored short sermons, (even a series of short sermons interspersed with singing and prayers). He preferred sermons that were mainly exhortations, free of theological or doctrinal arguments . . . The ‘parcel’ sermon — delivering choice items throughout the meeting — was described by William Corbridge in the following manner: ‘I believe,’ he stated, ‘in preaching a sermon sometimes, but not of the ordinary kind. Deal out the medicine in nice doses, and let there be a mixture all the way through (the meeting) — not one thing continually.’” –R.G. Moyles (Come Join Our Army, Crest Books, USA.)


Some of the stats in this 2 min. video have changed since it’s post in 2012 but the thing that stands out to me is that, in short The Salvation Army, an Army of Salvation is still, after 150 year, STILL trying to salvage lives. It’s Mission: To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs without discrimination is done more by what they do, not by what they say.

“Do all you can to preach the gospel and if necessary use words.” -St. Fancis of Assisi


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