1st Sam. 16:7
Does Appearance matter?
Story to help with security matters old lady but size 13 work boots out side of her front door, no one ever bothered her assuming there was a big strong construction worker living there.

Auto detailing van dents, dirt, no shine. Bad detailer? No but by looks of van with decals, logos, and sayings like, “we won’t leave wax in your cracks” said opposite of condition of van.

So does our dress, out outward appearance speak for us ? Better question is HOW does our outward appearance speak for us?

Non verbal communication examples. So much said without a word (show examples, facial, body language, walk, shape of shirt- half tucked in and walk with limp, as if wounded). Other non-verbal examples: I know a guy who, you know… (gesture like drinking – use hand with fingers up in air toward  and thumb toward mouth, then finish sentence) You know…plays the trumpet (hope they were thinking gesture indicate a boozer/heavy drinker). Another guy he was (do one jazz hand – gesture meaning he is flack then say)…you know he has Parkinson. Another guys he (gesture like smoking a joint, then finish sentence) …he drinks a lot of soda with a straw.

{not sure how this will translate in writing, i am use to doing it verbal and i am very animated when i talk}

Outward expressions of inner faith (uniform).
Simple smile
The ‘eyes’ have it (making eye contact).
Dressing to impress but at same time not overly caught up in pleasing man but please God and for that our outward clothing He doesn’t look at like people do. Recall Adam and Eve after knowledge of good and evil were ashamed of nakedness, later King David danced naked before the Lord.
Going to extremes, some have said okay I am going to tat. My face and mutilate my body. Others have said, only wear full length dress, cover face, long sleve shirts or blouses.
So, although we should say something by what we wear we need not go to either extreme, don’t over think it, be ourselves or better yet what God has made us and realize people are going to judge us by outward but more importantly God is looking at out heart.
Can’t see the wind, can see the effects of the wind but can’t see the wind.
Mt. 7:15-23 bearing fruit, knowing Jesus.
Fruit inspector, not county fair judge, but aware and cautious that one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch or barrel.
Gal. 5:16-26 Actions speak louder than words.
Christian are we truly Christ like?
John 8:15…You judge by human standards…


 IF this is helpful and you want to ‘grow on’
and or to the index along these same notes at:

“And God Said No.”


And God said, “No”
I asked God to take away my pride. He said, “No, that is not for me to take away but for you to give up.”
I asked God to make my handicapped child whole. He said, “No, her spirit is whole, her body is temporary.”
I asked God to grant me patience. He said, “No, patience is a by-product of tribulation, it isn’t granted it is earned.”
I asked God to give me happiness. He said, “No, I give you blessings, happiness is up to you.”
I asked God to spare me pain. He said, “No, suffering draws you apart from worldly cares and brings you closer to me.”
I asked God to make my spirit grow. He said, “No, you must grow on your own but I will prune you so you will be fruitful.”
I asked God if He loved me. He said, “Yes, now and forever…that is why I say no so often.”
I asked God to help me love others as much as He loves me. He said, “Ah, finally you have the idea.”

God always answers but keep in mind, “God listens to thoe who hear and hears those who answer.”

3 simple short ways he answers,

  • No (He knows what is best and some time doesn’t give us a yes)
  • Slow (It is in His perfect timing, not ours)
  • Go! (sometimes He does say yes and tells us we need to move and go along with His plans).
  • ALSO REMEMBER IN ALL THIS…We may be asking questions that God can not answer. For an explaination go to:

PRayer answered

Prayer Journalism -Entire series in one long post

PRayer answered

I split this series up into smaller post but this is all those post in one.

Here are the shorter post:

Prayer Journalism -The Importance of

Prayer Journalism -How To

Prayer Journalism -Biblical Prayer

Prayer Journalism -Prayer Time

Prayer Journalism -Bible Study

They are in no particular order. They can be read individually or used in a series.

The individual post may have variations from this larger post (different pictures, videos and some wording may vary).

I start with Prayer Journalism -The Importance of

Prayer Journal:
Catch a glimpse of God’s heart.
Spend time with The Lord.
Have intimate Communion with Him.

Record: people, places and things.
Keep some type of log or record of
how things are working out.

God always answers our prayers.
3 main ways; No, Slow or Go.
Sometimes God says, “No.” because He
Knows what is best and what we are asking for
is not part of His plan. (see note on – And God Said “NO”)
Sometimes God Says, “Slow” because He
is working on the timing of things.
Sometimes God says, “Go!” because He
knows when it is time to move forward.
Remember, God does not do evil. He may allow what we consider to be ‘bad things’ to happen, even toward good people but God is able to use even those bad things for good. Study in your Bible what He did for the man named “Job” (book of Job) and what He did for “Joseph” in spite of the awful things his own brothers did to him (Genesis 45 Also Genesis 50:19-21).
Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of all those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”
Whatever you’re praying about God already knows and has the bigger picture in mind. You have just a few pieces of the puzzle. He will put it all together but in HIS timing not ours.
As you pray, remember to let God do His job. ONLY HE CAN DO THE SUPERNATURAL. Also, there are some things God wants us to do for Him and others. Ask Him what He wants you to do and ask Him to help you do it. He will call you to action. Ask Him to help you see what He wants you to physically do. We are His hands and feet. There may be times when we intercede spiritually only but other times God wants and needs us to intervene physically. God can use you.
As you consider the situation you’re praying about think of what you or others can do for and with Christ’s help to be part of the answer to these prayers. For example only God can physically heal someone but we can be there to hold their hand while they are sick, we can lift them up before the Lord and we can help their loved ones as they are going through this too.
You may find the opportunity to do what I call “prayer in action”. You may visit, send a card or call. You may even ask another person to help out. You may even offer to baby sit or drive someone where they need to go. Don’t just pray for the man who has a wife in the hospital see if you can help him by picking up some things from the store for him. That kind of action done in an attitude of prayer goes a long way and is honored by God.
Remember we are not alone. We have God on our side and a body of other believers to help. Just as we ask God for help we can also ask brothers and sisters in Christ to help us or help others God wants to reach.
Remember what the “stretcher bearers” did in Mark 2:1-12. Four friends could not heal the paralyzed man but they knew they could carry him to Jesus. They even took the effort to get the man up on the roof, dig a hole in the roof and lowered him down before the savior.
We have to do our part. As you write God may show you exactly what He wants you to do. Keith Green had a song, “He’ll Take Care Of The Rest”, in which he sang, “Do your best, pray that it’s blessed and He’ll take care of the rest.”


As you Journal don’t forget to
and always leave room for His answers
and His directions.
Fill your prayer Journal with Scripture. The Bible is God’s voice.
You may want to write some of the Psalms and Proverbs or some of your favorite and most helpful verses from “God’s Word” in your Journal. (see note on “Emergency Phone Numbers” – a list of Scripture references).

This section is a post called Prayer Journalism -How To

How to start:
Make sure your name is on the front as well as the month and year you’re starting this journal. Leave room on the front to write the month and year in which you finished or filled this journal. You may even put Journal #1 is this is your first one. Inside the front cover write information on how to get this journal back to you if it is ever lost.
Number the pages (may do just the even or odd pages).
Page one should describe what this journal is. Write a little bit on what your intentions are, for example you may write, ‘this is a journal I am keeping to help my prayer life. In this journal I am writing prayers for people, places and things God lays on my heart. An index is in the back to help me find things.’ You may also tape or glue in a program cover, typed notes, pictures, ticket stubs or a flyer. Remember this is YOUR journal and you can add whatever YOU want. Insert anything that is helpful in reflecting back on moments of YOUR LIFE WITH GOD.


After making sure all the pages are numbered go to the very back of your journal and list vertically, straight down; people, places, and things. This is not a wish list. You should also writing down things your thankful for (count your blessings). Do not write a sentence, just one word and name on each line.
After recording a few subjects go back up to the top of that list and to the right of the names or subjects you’ve listed put a page number that leads you toward the front of the journal. The things at the top of the list will obviously be in the early pages of the journal (page 1,2,3 and such).
On one of those pages in the front of your journal
Write the same name or subject matter that your index list refers to.
Then, be sure to write the date.
Now you’re ready to write some details.
Make that into your prayer for that particular subject matter.
At the end write Continue on page ______ and leave this blank.
As time goes by and you continue to pray for that subject you’ll be looking to your index, going to the page where the prayer started and continuing on.
Key to Oragniziation:
TO HELP KEEP THINGS ORGANIZED WHEN YOU WRITE A PAGE NUMBER IN THAT “CONTINUED ON PAGE ____” ALSO WRITE IT IN YOUR INDEX (LOCATED IN THE BACK OF YOUR JOURNAL). This makes it much easier to find the last page where you left off with that subject. Your index should indicate where you started and where you left off last.

When you’re ready to continue to another page on that same subject go to a page that has room and record just as you did when you started but be sure to write “Continued from page ___” and here write the page number you just left regarding that subject. Remember to also write the new page number in your index next to the initial page number.
Make sure the starting page number and the, ‘continued on’, page number are both listed next to that subjects in your index. For some subjects, before long you’ll have several page numbers listed to the right of that subject.
When continuing
Fill in the “continued on page ____” with the page number you’re going to. ALSO WRITE THAT PAGE # IN INDEX
On the new page write the subject matter you’re praying for or about.
Then, be sure to write the date.
Now, before you write details be sure to write,
“Continued from page ____.”
Then you’re ready to write some more details.
Make that into your prayer for that particular subject matter.
At the end, once again, write Continue on page ______ and leave this blank.

Index              Subjects                 Page                    Number

(Cut out the words above to paste in back of journal)

The Next section is a post called Prayer Journalism -Biblical Prayer

Prayer can become a way of life. We are told to pray without ceasing.
1st Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray continually.”
Ephesians 6:18 “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions will all kinds of prayers and request. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints”.
James 5:13-18
When? For who?
Colossians 4:2-6 “Devote yourselves to prayer, be watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should. Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”
Philippians 4:6-8 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable –if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”
Romans 8:26-27 “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And He who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God’s will.”
Here is a prayer David uttered when he gathered his people together: 1st Chronicles 29:10-13 “Praise be to you, O Lord, God of our father Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours.
Yours, O Lord, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all. Wealth and honor come from you; you are the ruler of all things. In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all. Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name.”
Enjoy watching what God does and be sure to thank Him and give Him all the glory.

Prayer Journal Note/prayer:
Father as I “prayer journal” over time to actually “see” results help me to keep a good index, especially as I transfer from one journal to the next.
As I transfer names/events/situations help me to categorize them so I can find them easier for follow-up and do what ‘follow through’ you want me to personally do.
Examples of categorize to help me relocated and follow God’s work: Family, neighbors, work place, Church (Corps-Body of Christ), our social services, other agencies, other Salvation Armys, “others”
Lord I lift all these people/situations/events/circumstances up to You I am watching/following/logging/tracking/recording what You’re doing, as well as considering what I can do to be part of accomplishing Your will. Use me Lord. What a blessing, what an amazing opportunity to see long term effects. I praise You that I’m able to be part and take an active part in what You have done, what you’re doing and what you’re going to do.
Lord, let me in on Your plan of action. Help me continue to develop a way to have an active, schematic, strategic, prayer life.
I realize you are The Chief Musician (as mentioned in the Psalms). You orchestrate beautiful music from some instruments that are old and beat up, You even make music from things that are not seen as “an instrument”. I see You using everyday ordinary people to be part of a bigger symphony of sound, melody, harmony, rhythm and rhyme. May I let You work in me and do my part. Help me to see and hear what You are doing. May this prayer journaling be a tool that aides me to do my part and accept others as they do theirs. Help me to rest when I am suppose to, accompany when you want and play out strong when you call for me to do a solo, knowing that in you I am never alone, even when I feel like it or think I am in the center of the stage. May others hear YOUR MUSIC, YOUR SONG, YOUR LYRICS coming out of me, YOUR INSTRUMENT.
When I stop, look and listen may I see YOU and hear Your plans, May this increase my faith to follow and serve You more.
I’m realizing that with my prayer journaling the importance is not how neat, beautiful or well worded it is. You my Lord know, hear and understand me (Romans 8:26). You will carry, guide and counsel me (Philippians 1:6; John 14:16; 1Pe 5:7; Hebrews 4:16; Luke 6:38; John 15:7; Prov.3:5-6). When I call You answer (Jeremiah 33:3). The importance of my prayer journaling is how You can use it to help me keep track, focus and follow a progression of perpetual prayer. May this be a symbol of Your two way conversation and communication with me and I with you. I want to be part of Your plans, use me and hear my cries to You as I pray for others You are using as well. May You be in everything I do (1st Pe. 4:10). May you increase and I decrease (John 3:30). As I lift up Your Son I know you will draw others to You so help me lift Him up higher (John 12:32). Continue to bring YOUR word into my mind and help me put it in my journal in order to increase my faith in You and what You are saying to me. Father in the name of Your son The Lord Jesus Christ please let Your Holy Spirit rule, reign and work in and through my life, my way of life. Please make me in sync with what You want, with Your will. Help me accept all Your answers whether they are SLOWer than I want (for Your timing is perfect Lord), sometimes “GO!” (a definite yes, or something I need to do), or simply “NO” because YOU know what is best and I want what You want Lord not what we think we want.
The more I use some ones name the better I know them and remember their name. As I lift up the names I record in my prayer journal Lord may I be part of their lives in You. Lord I want them to see Your son Jesus in me and I want to see Jesus in them. Father speak to me and inspire me.

The next section is a post called Prayer Journalism -Prayer Time:
Prayer, Communication With God

Set a Time, place and plan
1st Choice Not Last Chance. Conversation and conviction rather than crisis.
Not just drive by prayers, hit or miss.
Gaze On God; Glance At Request

Setting a Time
God says, “Change your schedule. I’ll change your life!”
Don’t stop praying, but rather stop other things to pray.

Challenge you to set a specific time aside each day. Try 10 minutes of uninterrupted time in praying and selected Bible reading.

Examples in Bible:
In morning: Psalm 5:3, 59:16, 88:13, 143:8; Mk. 1:35
At night: Matt 26:36, 39, 42, 44 In Gethsemane; Mark 6:46; Lk. 6:12
Anytime, all times: Without ceasing 1st Thess. 5:17
On all occasions: Eph. 6:18
Devote yourself to: Col. 4:2-6
Impulsively & deliberately : Acts 1:14; 4:24; 12:12; 21:5
Every time you hear a siren or bell: offer a special prayer for accident victims, church, phone calls (txt notice), emergency announcements. Let that “chime” remind you to pray.
Setting aside a specific devotional time to be alone with the Lord, talking to Him in prayer and reading His word will help you grow.

Do you love Him? Spend time alone with him.
We spend time doing what we really love to do and we spend time doing what we have to do as a necessity (job, family, school, eating, recreation, sleeping) but what do we do for our spiritual lives?
If you don’t eat you die, feed your soul.
Set A Place
Recall Paul and Silas doing the original Jail House Rock.
Draw near to God (Heb. 10:22-23)
“Draw Near To God and He Will Draw Near To You.” (James 4:7-10)
Driving, a room set aside (sanctuary), Altar, Holiness Table, prayer path, what kind of atmosphere is there (site, smell, sound, feel), Prayer Closet , away from distractions (turn everything else off).
Mark 1:35; Luke 5:15-16 Jesus in a solitary place

Set A Plan
Good book by Becky Tirabassi “Wild Things Happen When I Pray”
Ken Abraham also wrote some good books I used in developing this info.
Think of prayer as conversation between two people who love each other.

Prayer board-with pictures, as you look at those picture you lift up that person. Praise God for them and lift up their needs (intersession).

Stretcher Bearers- draw a large cross on paper. At top put person your praying for. On Left side of Cross list things God is capable of doing (Supernaturally). On right side of Cross list things you or others can do in that situation or for that person (send a note, call, drive them or their family home, to store, from hospital, get something for them…can be something as simple as bringing in their mail because they are shut in or away on a trip) -This is especially good to do in a prayer meeting or small group and each person can put their prayer into action.

Prayer Journal:
Short explanation of how to organize one-
Index in back, a list of just Subjects/names (straight down the page). Then to the right of subjects put a page numbers referring to pages in front. On the pages starting at the front after you write about situation, subject or person write “RESULTS:___” and leave that blank to continue on another page. Index in the back will help you find and follow subjects.

Use FB or social media, but only read comments that are of praise or petition (THIS may not work for you, to easily distracted by everything else on FB or social media SO may start a group or join one that focuses only on posting prayers in that group or on that page.

These are just ideas that i’ve heard others us or i use to help me stay focused in specific time of prayer. Heard someone say, “The key to praying more is, pray more.” Talk causally with God throughout your day but also set some time aside, get to a place that is conducive and have a plan that helps you focus during that time and in that place.

Powerful (James 5:13-18)
Rescue (Psalm 34:4; 109:21)
Answers (Matt 7:7; James 4:2; Phil. 4:6) No, Slow or go.
Yearnings (Ps. 37:4; 66:18)
Enthusiasm for Evangelism
Righteousness (Psalm 139:23-24; 84:11; 66:18)

Our P.A.R.T.:
Praise –Psalm 150
Admit -Psalm 139:23-24
Request –Psalm 5:3 (Not telling, asking)
Thanks – Phil. 4:6-9; 1st Thess. 5:18

God’s P.A.R.T.:
Prompt us –touch us, motivate us, let us know what He wants.
Admonish –discipline and convict us.
Reveal –show us, teach us thing.
Triumph –He will always win the battles we fight in prayer.

“God hears those who listen. God listens to those who hear”
If we are not obedient to His word we cannot expect Him to be doing His will through us.
James Chapter 4 clarifies why our prayers may not even be heard by God


This part is from the post called Prayer Journalism -Bible Study

This post is a Bible study you can do personally or share in a small group that doesn’t necessarily place emphasis on how important it is to keep a prayer journal or How To keep one. Another post that is very similar to this one is the one on Biblical prayer. This one is a Bible study that can be done with or without a prayer journal. The prayer journal could simply be a cheap spiral note book used to keep notes on prayer.

Weather you keep a prayer journal or not here is a Bible Study specifically on prayer. For those with no place to write it down, a prayer journal would be your answer.

I would suggest you start the Bible study with this video/song or one similar to it:

go to: for video

You may  printed out or copied this post. I encourage you to perhaps use it as an answer key as you use the acronyms. Simply write the letters to each word vertically on a poster board or flip chart then as you plug in each word horizontally you can lead the small group.






Adoration: Heb. 13:15; Ps. 34:1-3
Confession: 1st Jn. 1:9; Ps. 32:1-6; Ps. 103:3, 11-13
Thanksgiving: Phil. 4:6-9; 1st Thess. 5:18
Supplication: James 5:13-20; Heb. 4:15-16 (intercession, petition – lift up rather                                 than put down).

While we pray we can start with adoration, then spend time inconfession, move into a time of thanksgiving  (it’s not just for Thursdays once a year anymore). And conclude our prayer with supplication (this involves asking the Lord for things but not as we would build a wish list for Santa or ask a magic genie for 3 wishes. God is not our fairy godmother granting all our dreams to come true and live happily ever after. He is, however,  our loving heavenly Father and wants us to live happily ever after in eternity with Him and until then while we are on this earth to let our request be made known to Him as we keep in mind His will, His desires and His best interest, not our own.

While praying if we devote the first portion to adoration, the next part of confession, the next part on thanksgiving and end with supplication we will be sure to have a focused prayer to the Lord rather than a hazardous one said without meaning.

Jesus taught His listeners to pray. Look at Matt. 6:5-15 and break down that prayer into sections to understand how Jesus said we should pray.Internalize “The Lord’s Prayer” rather than just memorizing it.

Here are some more acronyms:

Powerful (James 5:13-18)
Rescue (Psalm 34:4; 109:21)
Answers (Matt 7:7; James 4:2; Phil. 4:6) No, Slow or go.
Yearnings (Ps. 37:4; 66:18)
Enthusiasm for Evangelism
Righteousness (Psalm 139:23-24; 84:11; 66:18)

Our P.A.R.T.:
Praise –Psalm 150
Admit -Psalm 139:23-24
Request –Psalm 5:3 (Not telling, asking)
Thanks – Phil. 4:6-9; 1st Thess. 5:18

God’s P.A.R.T.:
Prompt us –touch us, motivate us, let us know what He wants.
Admonish –discipline and convict us.
Reveal –show us, teach us thing.
Triumph –He will always win the battles we fight in prayer.

You may want to end this section with this video and song

Write these questions down and look up the Bible verses to answer them (A Prayer journal comes in handy when wanting to take notes):

What should we pray about?
Everything thing: Phil. 4:6-8

Spirit helping us: Rom. 8:26-27; Matt. 6:7-13; Ecc. 5:2

James 5:13-18; 1st Thess. 5:17; Eph. 6:18; Mk.1:35; Mk. 6:46

For Who?
Matt. 5:44; James 5:13-16

Matt. 6:5-6

Why? Here are several reasons:

  • He Deserves our prayers Ps. 30:10-12, Rev. 4:18; 5:8
  • He Demands prayers (300 times in scripture) examples Psalm 150; Heb. 13:15
  • He Dwells in prayers Ps. 22:3-5,22-26
  • He Delights in prayers Ps. 103 (Make God feel at home in our lives)
  • He Delivers through prayers Acts. 16:25

Mk.11:24, Mt.7:7, Jer. 33:3, Mt. 21:22, Jn. 14:13-14, Jn. 15:7, 1at Jn. 5:14-15

“Little prayer, little power, much prayer, much power, no prayer, no power, know prayer know power.

Prayers by Jesus as recorded in His word
(from Halley’s Bible Handbook pg. 508-509)
Luke 11:1 At baptism
Mark 1:35 In a solitary place
Luke 5:16 In the wilderness
Luke 6:12 All night, before choosing 12
Matt. 11:25-27 Before his invitation, “come unto me”
John 6:11 At the feeding of the 5,000
Matt. 14:23 After feeding the 5,000
Luke 11:1-4 The Lord’s prayer
Luke 9:18 In private
Luke 9:28-29 Before Transfiguration
Matt. 19:13 For Little Children
John 11:41-42 Before Rising Lazarus
John 12:27-28 In the temple
Matt. 26:26-27 At the supper
Luke 22:32 For Peter
John 17 For The Disciples
Matt 26:36, 39, 42, 44 In Gethsemane
Luke 23:34 On the cross
Luke 24:30 At Emmaus

I hope and pray this will be helpful to you or the group you may share this with. Please post comments on how this was useful and encouraging  to you personally or used with a group you lead.

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Other than the last one these are not in the individual post that are part of the Prayer Journalism Series.

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Regenerated -Lengthy Study of The Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit
“Rushing wind” Keith Green song video below

Regeneration by The Holy Spirit (Doc. 7, The Salvation Army)

Illustration: “Weekend at Burnies” (Clip below)

Dead to sin, live no longer there in (Ro. 6:1-14; 1st Co. 15:29; Eph.2:1)
No longer conform to the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind and heart by The Holy Spirit (Ro. 12:2; 1st Pe 1:14; Ro. 8:29; 2nd Co.10:3)

Illustration Peter parker gets bit by spider and takes on traits of spider. We are effected by things that bit us. If we take a bit out of what God has to offer us, “Taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8), we’ll take on His characteristics. We can become more and more like Christ but we have to feed our Spirit thing Jesus fed His. Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God (Mt. 4:4; Lk. 4:4). Jesus is the bread of life ( Jn. 6:33,35,51). Communion (Jn. 6:51-58). Mt. 7:21 (must “know” Him). Rev. 3:20 (stand at door and knock,…come in and dine with you & you with Him). Hebrews 10:11-14

Illustration : Transformer movie, no clip needed. We all know what happens there something that seems to be just a vehicle (car, ice cream truck, 18 wheeler) turns into a robot…show clip anyway (ONLY SHOW 1st PART OF CLIP-Edit it).

Effects or consequences of past sins (dirty deeds) may still have an outcome or have to be paid for but the sin its self, its curse, has been taken away by Christ’s Sacrifice and accepting that sacrifice.

Song: “He paid a debit He did not own, I owed a debit I could not pay”
Song (music below)

Song below “Jesus Paid It All” (Young adults rock music video with lyrics)

1st Co. 6:19-20 bought at a price

Jail Chaplain Ken Asplund always sits back in his chair and says to inmates, “I don’t care what you did to get here but I can tell you what to do so you don’t come back.”
John 3:3 What must do?
John 3:30 also good, “He must increase and I must decrease”
2nd Corinth. 5:14-21
Gal. 6:15

Born again John 3:6-7, 16-17; 1st Pe. 1:23; Titus 3:5
Spiritual rebirth, from death to life John 5:24; 1st John 3:14
From Darkness to light John 8:12; Eph. 5:8; 1st Thess. 5:5
Becoming Temple of The Holy Spirit 1st Co. 6:19
Receive virtues Gal. 5:6; Ro. 5:5
By The Holy Spirit -Compare Jn.7:39 and Ac. 2:32-33
Song: “Since Jesus Came into My Heart”
Clip below of song (cowboy church for older adults)

Clip below of song (Jazz/gospel for modern adults)

Clip below of song (just lyrics on screen and music/vocals for all ages)

Commercial Amazing Grace by Salvation Army

So after you accept Christ and HE the Holy Spirit (Trinity) lives in you you will truly be changed. If we truly surrender all and give up our own will and accept ALL HE IS, Then and only then we are genuinely changed. Transforms, regenerated.
Not reformed out of what already was, not recycled but actually reclaimed because God created us to have a personal relationship with Him to begin with and we and our fore fathers , humans have ALWAYS messed it up by not loving Him back. Not accepting that HE wants to be personal with us and to let Him in we have to take out the old (recall song opened with by Keith Green “Rushing Wind” Clip below)

Not only reclaimed but REGENERATED
Eph. 3:16-17 (Inner man)
Col. 1:27 (Christ in you)
Phil. 2:13 (God woreth in you both to will and do His good will)
Phil. 1:16 (He began that work and will complete it in you) AMEN
Other ref. for above or to go further:
Gen. 1:26; 1st John 3:2 (God’s purpose, draw men into fellowship with Him so that conform to His likeness)
Ultimate proof is in personal experience. Even if people refute what you say, believe something different, refute the Holy Bible they cannot go against what you personal believe and have 1st hand experienced.
Someone said, “if God is dead, who is this living in my heart?!”
Try to convince someone who has been in a life changing experience, like a scooter accident, that driving a scooter is safe.
If you met someone who grew up as vegetarian and they never ate meat a day in their lives you could tell them how good steak is but they may not want to hear it, they won’t believe you, they may even be scared or afraid to even THINK about it but if you enjoy steak enough you’d want them to at least try it right?

Having fun at a party or club without getting drunk or having sex or getting into things that would distract you from your walk with God CAN BE done but it is hard for an alcoholic or someone who is perverse by such a good thing as sex to realize they can have fun without those things and they can find something MUCH MORE satisfying. If the main purpose of the party is to treat yourself and not glorify God then we are falling short of the glory of God (sin) but if we find ourselves in a typical worldly situation or place (like a bar) we can still be Christ like. Where ever we go whatever we do we can be Christ like. If that environment causes you to draw away from God then ya leave. If the movie your watching offends you then ya turn it off.
You are free to do any and everything but as Paul said, Iam free to do whatever I want but not all things are profitable, don’t be mastered by anything (1st Co. 6:12) Ro. 6:14 (may read and consider all of Romans 6, no longer a slave to sin) You can’t serve 2 masters (Mt. 6:24; Mt. 23:8;24:46; Ro. 6:14; Col.4:1; 2nd Tim 2:21 useful to Master. 2nd Tim. 2:3 like a good soldier. Gal 5:7-26 FREE FOR WHAT?) Not all things are of value. Even Physical exercise or training is of some value (2nd Tim. 4:8) but when your desire is to please God and not yourself then you DESIRE is no longer a lust to do what is wrong but a strong DESIRE and longing to please the one you love, if you love Him that much.
Some people are not in love with Jesus at all. Some don’t know how much He loves them, they just don’t believe or haven’t seen His love. Some are just dating Him. Others just visit (Sunday Mornings, just show up ‘at His house’ and don’t take Him home into their home or heart) Others are in a committed relationship with Him. Some are married (the bride)
1st Corin. 4:7-13 what makes difference? How may the world view us?
1st John 3:1 The reason they do not know or accept us or even may hate us?
Jas. 2:5 poor in eyes of world
Jas. 4:4 fried of world, love things of world is hatred toward God.
1st Jn. 2:15 do not love the world or anything in it.
1st Co. 6:11-20 (look above 11 a little, we were once sinning, now we are sinners saved by Grace, not by anything we’ve done but God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.
Grace-giving you what you don’t deserve.
Mercy-not giving you what you do deserve.
Ultimate Proof is personal experience
Jn 3:8 wind blows (can’t understand fully). Eph. 3:20 (Exceedingly abundantly above all ask or think).
1st Pe 1:14-16 Holy Spirit makes us children of God both in name and in the likeness of His nature
ROOT, purpose and power released by Jesus 1st Co. 1:30; Titus 2:13-14; Heb. 10:10
Forgiveness and inheritance Ac. 26:18 Turn from darkness to light From satan to God. Forgiveness, inheritance, sanctification (set apart for Him).
New Father –offspring Ac. 17: 24-29, John 1:12-13
Conversion of our will, no longer slave but sons and if son heir Gal. 4:7
Gal.3:26; 4:4,5; Eph. 1:4-5. Citizens of the kingdom Eph. 2:19.
Spiritual union Closer and enduring relationship that human ties (Gal. 3:28; Ro. 12:3-5; 1st co. 12:12-20; Eph. 2:16-22; 4:1-16; 1st Pe. 2:4-10.

Adoption bestows inheritance, inheritance can’t be earned. Kingdom life NOW let alone when we get to kingdom of heaven.
Father Jn. 20:17; Jas. 1:17; Lk 11:13
Son (Heb. 2:11) Bothers (Jn. 12:26;14:3; Ro 8:17; Eph. 1:11)
(Jn. 17:24,26; 15:9)
Spirit (Ro. 8:11,18-25; Eph. 1:19-23).

Think, Pot head

Think, Pot Head
Few points here in this Devo:
This same main scripture and devotional can be used to get across a few completely different subjects, topics, point.
-Consider WHO the group is you’re talking to then pray and share:
These are not necessarily 3 points to be given to one group of people, but rather material and scripture to be share with 3 different audiences, 3 separate groups of people (consider WHO you’re talking to)

1.)Think of body as temple of Holy spirit and what we take in, even when not ‘pot’ other harmful or unconstructive things that don’t help or may even do damage to us, deconstructive.

2.)Think of self as “Pot” and Clay (jars of clay)

3.)Think of those who think Pot (Marijuana is harmless)

1.) 1st Co. 10:23 All things permissible but not beneficial/constructive
Also 1st Co. 6:12
Can memorize 1st Co. 6:12 by thinking of the first man you met who was 6 foot 12 inches –(in your mind imagine meeting this man today for the 1st Time. He is from a town called Corinth and he is 6’12’’)
This man explains to you that Every thing is permissible for him –but not everything is beneficial (Also found in 1st Co. 10:23). Everything is permissible for me –but I will not be mastered by anything. –goes on to ref. food (not even what people would consider a vice and yet for so many of us food and the kind of food we eat or even Spiritual food we take into our mind can not only not be constructive but destructive. CONSIDER 1st Co. 6:12 and 1st Co. 10:23 Then read 1st Co. 6:13-20
Now look at 2nd Co. 6:12-2nd Co. 7:1
2nd Co. 12:6 (the dyslexia of switching the verse and chapter really works here because Paul goes on to talk about trouble (THORNS) we have in the flesh.
2nd Co. 12:6-12
Now 1st Co. 12:12 One body, many parts

2.) 1st Co. 6:19 & 20 –body temple of Holy Spirit, honor
1st Co. 12:12 Body is unit
Eph. 4:30 (members of His body) Col. 1:24 (the church)
Ro. 12:1,4 offer body as living sacrifice, many members
1st Co. 6:15 (bodies are members)

2nd Co. 4:7 (Jars of Clay) 2nd Co. 4:1-18
2nd Co.5:17 new creation

Does the thing that was molded and created say to its creator, you didn’t make me right? NO, creator is the creator and He knows what’s best because HE created it and created it for a purpose. Our cereal bowl doesn’t say, “I’m not going to hold milk today!”
Job 10:9 (Job 10:8-12 – molded)

Purpose Ro. 8:28; 9:11,17; 2nd Co.5:5; Eph. 3:11; Php. 2:2,13;

3.) Gen. 1:30 (heard so many people use this verse to condone or say that God condones the use of ‘pot’ (marijuana) let’s read Gen. 1:30 and think of 420 people)

Last part Gen 1:30 –I give every green plant for food and it was so.

Ask honestly are you using it for food, and I don’t mean just in brownies. Are you truly, really using it as a source of food? Must ask why. Why are you using it? Can it be good, sure maybe in a responsible, reasonable amount. Same with Wine but when it is used for the wrong reason, to go to as an escape (just like any escape) rather than going to God and Christ and The Holy Spirit as a source to help, heal, clarify and understand and thrive then pot, just like food or any things else we partake of can become like God to use and yet it is part of His creation not Him self.
Some people go to co-dependant relationships with others rather than God to communication and better relationship with God and THAT is a problem because people, humans, or other things God created are not God Himself, just part of His creation and they lack the perfection that can only come directly from God. Remember Eve –saw fruit, wisdom increase, become like god but was wrong and ruined original and intended relationship with God.

NOW GO BACK UP TO POINT ONE AND POINT TWO 1.) 2.) and consider that you are free in Christ, God makes you free and it is permissible but not beneficial and consider that not everything we do is constructive and if you REALLY want to be perfected in The Lord, set apart from this world ya have to consider what is truly constructive for you and your relationship with HIM. THAT is when you’ll truly be free. Free from addictive behavior not a slave to anything, not even yourself but a true servant of God.

Pilgrim’s Progress -short Bible Study of Hebrew 11:8-16

Hebrews 11:8-16
Pilgrim’s Progress
(Taken From Thompson Chain Ref.#4192 N.I.V. Bible)
v.8__________ the call.
v.9 Never ____________
v.10 Looked for __________ ______
v.13 Had _____________
v.13 Acknowledged ____________
v. 13 __________ in the faith
v. 15 Never _______ _______
v.16 Longed for a _________ _________

Also see Chain Ref. #s :
4139 “Christianity Characteristics”
4180 “Let us”
4181 “Life’s Purpose”
4184 “Meaning of The Risen Life”

A Belief Beyond Belief

A Belief Beyond Belief
Open Bible –Strange things
Thompson Chain-#2486 & 2488
Job 5:9; 11:7
Ecc. 3:11
Is. 40:28
Try as we might we still can’t fathom what God has done, what He is doing and what He will do, no more than we can save ourselves.
Is. 55:8 His ways are not ours…
Is. 55:11 His word does not return void.
Do we take for granted God’s presence?
Faith in my wife (marriage) much like relationship with Christ.
When I kiss her goodbye in the morning she trust I am coming back. When I get home if she is not there because she is at work. I have faith that she will be home before the night is over.
So also with Christ, we can know, HE IS COMING BACK for us and in the meantime we can fellowship with him.
SOMEDAY we’ll see Him face to face
(2 Co 3:7-18, Rev. 22:4, 1st Co. 13:11-12)

Communion/Fellowship with the Lord:

Right now like phone calls (prayer)
Letters (God’s Word)
But someday it will be even better and beyond what World Wide Social Media is capable of.
Rev. 3:20 (Stand at the door and knock)

Further Study
The back of God
Ex. 33:19-23 (Moses); Ex. 34:29-35 Veil/Radiant face
2nd Co. 3:7-18; 1st Co. 13:11-12; Rev. 22:4

Mnemonics -Memorizing Bible verses

Aids to memorization of Bible facts, locations of verses, chapters, teachings, etc.
(Thompson Chain Ref. Bible #4315)
Key is Repetition and association
Look for coincidences
“THE 3:16’s”
John 3:16 =Great promise
Other important “3:16’s”
Prov. 3:16 (wisdom)
Mal. 3:16 (Lord’s treasured possessions)
Luke 3:16 (two baptisms)
Ac. 3:16 (the mighty name)
1st Co. 3:16 (Temple of The Holy Spirit)
Col. 3:16 (indwelling of God’s Word)
1st Tim. 3:16 (mystery of godliness)
2nd Tim 3:16 (Value of Scripture)

“THE 2:10’s of Jesus”
Lk. 2:10 (Joy bringer)
Eph. 2:10 (Character builder)
Php. 2:10 (adorable name)
Col. 2:10 (Fulfiller of life)
Heb. 2:10 (Captain of our salvation)
Rev. 2:10 (Crown Giver)

“The 4:13’s Gifts of Jesus
Jn. 4:13-14 (Satisfaction)
Ac. 4:13 (transformation)
Eph. 4:13 (Inspiration)
Php. 4:13 (power)
1st Th. 4:13-14 (consolation)

Other coincidences
7th Chapter of Genesis = waters of death
7th Chapter of John = Water of life (v.37)

3 great warning chapters
(all contain 3)
Jer. 23
Eze. 33
Mt. 23
(all warnings to religious leaders)

Last words, recorded
Of Jesus (on power), Ac. 1:8
Of James (on soulwinning), Jas. 5:20
Of Peter (on growth), 2nd Pe. 3:18
Of Jude (on divine support), Jude 24-25
Of John (on divine grace), Rev. 22:21

For an interesting look at the number forty go to my post “40” at:


(use Thompson Chain Ref. Bible #2737 )
(#3241 for The number Seven)
Many times the number 40 is represented in the Bible as the number of probation, testing and trial.
40 days and 40 nights it rained (Gen. 7:4-17; 8:6).
40 days Embalming of Jacob occupied (Gen. 50:3).
40 yrs. Saul had to prove himself worthy of people’s choice.
40 yrs. Moses was in the land of Egypt. 40 yrs. In desert and 40 yrs. In God’s service (1st Sa. 4:18).
40 yrs. Israelites ate manna (ex. 16:35).
40 day Moses on mount for transcript of the law, fasting (Ex.24:18; 34:28).
40 days spies in the land (Nu. 13:25).
40 days Moses in prayer for Israel (Dt. 9:25).
40 days Goliath’s defiance lasted (1st Sa 17:16).
40 days Elijah’s last meal (1st Ki 19:8).
40 days Ezekiel’s typical period (Eze. 4:6).
40 days Jonah’s warnings, Nineveh Jnh. 3:4
40 days Jesus tested in wilderness (Lk 4:2).
40 days Jesus on earth after resurrection (Ac. 1:3).
40 years after crucifixion came destruction of Jerusalem
Other ref. 40 YEARS Ex. 16:35; Nu. 14:33; Jdg. 3:11; Ps. 95:10; Eze. 29:11

“40” think about it.

O Lord my God, you have performed many wonders for us. Your plans for us are too numerous to list. You have no equal. If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds, I would never come to the end of them. You take no delight in sacrifices or offerings. Now that you have made me listen, I finally understand —

you don’t require burnt offerings or sin offerings. Then I said, “Look, I have come. As is written about me in the Scriptures: I take joy in doing your will, my God, for your instructions are written on my heart.”

For troubles surround me— too many to count!

My sins pile up so high I can’t see my way out.

They outnumber the hairs on my head. I have lost all courage. As for me, since I am poor and needy, let the Lord keep me in his thoughts. You are my helper and my savior. O my God, do not delay.
Psalms 40:5‭-‬8‭, ‬12‭, ‬17 NLT

For more on the study of numerology in the scriptures go to: Numerology In Scripture and Numbers In The Scriptures 👈

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If nothing else, remember that numbers do matter and God even knows the number of hairs on your head. That sound easy coming from a man going bald  but obviously this statement, “And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” Matthew 10:30 NIV (note 10th chapter 30th verse) also found in Luke 12:7, that statement is more than literal and represents the all knowing God and his attention to details.

Fix our eyes -Indepth Bible Study

Fix Your Eyes
Fix Your Eyes, Mind, Words on HIM
Heb. 3:1;12:2
Phil. 4:6-9
1st Pe. 1:13
Prov. 4:20-27
2 Co. 4:16-18
Eph. 1:18
Ro. 8:5-14
Col. 3:2
Ps. 119:30-37
Dt. 11:18
(Thompson Chain 506, 509-510- Vision)
(Thompson Chain 4066 –Mind Of Christ)

We search for acceptance, we seek to please people, we try to measure up to other’s standards and look for them to approve of us;
Boss, wife, parents, family, teachers.
We also want them to lead us, we want them to be pleased with us and we want to be blessed with them but we will never be able to please everyone all the time and we will never be all they want us to be and they may not be all we want them to be. WE ARE ALL HUMAN and full of flaws.
THAT is another reason why we MUST fix our eyes on Jesus and all HE is.
He is everything we need, everything.
IN HIM we are everything we need to be.

Eyes are ambition
God pleaser not man pleaser.
Gal. 1:6-11 –v.10 try to win approval of man or of God? V.11-12 Not received by man
Mt. 5:8 Pure in heart seek and “see” God.
Illustration: The original “Big Bird”, Ostrage, bury egg in sand then keep eye where they put it cause so valuable and buried so well if they take eye off even they can loose track. Parable of buried treasure, buy field.
Mt. 6:22,33 Seek first the Kingdom of God.
Mt. 7:7 Seek and find
Prov.3:5 Trust and ACKNOWLEDGE HIM in all ways and He will give desire of heart. Desire HIM.
Js. 4:1-9 desire, ambition, drive, motivation. Eye off others, off self, drawn to HIM. Ref. back Mt. 6:22-24 (eyes, motive, serve 2 masters? 2 eyes but can only focus on one thing -unlike chameleon).
Acknowledge HIM Lk. 12:8, Mt. 10:32, Mk. 8:38, 2nd Tim. 2:12
Jn. 21:20-22 Peter one on one with the Lord and Peter asks, “what about John?” Jesus reminds Peter and us, ‘that he to you? YOU follow me.’

John13:35-49 The light to see, blinded eyes, in the light
Luke 10:23-24 ~Holy Spirit give us eyes to see and ears to hear.

Video by band “For King And Country” Song: “Fix My Eyes”:


(Chain 506)
“Whatcha’ lookin’ at?

Looking _________________________ arrest progress (Lot’s Wife Gen. 19:26).

Looking __________________________________ Saves (Nu.21:9;Jn3:14,15).

Looking___ __________________________ Depresses (Peter Sinks Mt.14:29,30).

Looking ________________________________ Glorifies (Acts 7:55).

Spiritual Vision chain 509

Look to God for Inspiration and help Chain 510

Divine Vision Chain 507 (Comprehends all Human Life)

Of Christ –Chain 509 (Full of Compassion)
Eyes To See Ears To Hear
Read Matt. 16:1-12
Read Mark 8:11-21
Matt. 16:12 -Then they understood
Mark 8:21 –“do you still not understand?”
Jesus Heals the blind
Mark 8:23 “Do you see anything?”
Mark 8:21 “Do you understand?”
Look closer at account of Jesus healing the blind man-
Mark 8:22-25
V. 22 ‘some people’ (stretcher bearers) brought & begged Jesus
v.23 Jesus took his hand, led outside the village (ref. back Mk. 8:11 –Jesus had to move on, being constantly tested. Crossed to other side. Remember how Christ was trying to get believers that were genuine –not just because of signs and he did this also because it wasn’t time for his death yet so didn’t want controversy –even after healing he said, “don’t go into village” v.26) Think also about, ‘sanctification meaning set apart. Jesus pulled this man aside and away from everything and everyone else.
v.23 Spit. Jesus’ saliva, bodily fluid, -our best is like filthy rags compared with Him-
v.23b Jesus asks, “Do you see anything?” (Ref. back Mk. 8:21 “do you still not understand?”
Metaphor of how the more time with Christ and the more He touches us the more we see and get to know and understand Him and see Him (Ref. to Mt. 16:12 –then they understood –Mark 8:12 the parallel Jesus asks, “Do you still not understand?”)
V. 24 Man looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.” (had some vision –glass dimly)
v. 25 “ONCE MORE”
v.25 put hands on man’s eyes (ref. back –took by hand and hands on v.23)
V. 25 going on then man’s eyes were open.
Deeper, 2nd, 3rd touch. How many times we need to be touched to develop our sight?
One touch, even touching the fringe of His coat was enough for the one woman()
Song- “Touch Me Again Lord”
v.25 sight ‘restored’ and could see everything clearly
need clarity, not just see but truly understand and have clarity.
Mark 8:18-21 had eyes but did not see
v. 26 go HOME but don’t go to village (go home but don’t tell everyone in the village)
Try and hide the fact you’ve been healed. If you say nothing God’s power still speaks through your changed life. People see you and see change.

Jesus heals the deaf
Look closer at account of Jesus healing the deaf man-
Mark 7:31-37
v.32 “some people” (again as with Mark 8:22) –stretcher bearer type people brought, begged, asked for Jesus to place hands on.
v. 33 (Ref. forward to Mark 8:23) Jesus led away from Crowd, we see He did this again in Mark 8:23 with the blind man.
With these two accounts it is almost as if the people that later brought the blind man were following the same course they may have seen or heard about with Jesus healing this deaf man –it worked before so let’s let Christ DO IT AGAIN!
We see others come to know Him or others see how he has healed us and intern when people see CHRIST’S POWER and ability they come to know He can do it again and for them.
Mark 7:33 Fingers in, spit (Ref. forward Mark 8:23b)
Mark 7:34 Looked up and said to him, “Be opened!”
v. 35 Ears open, tongue loosened, began speaking plainly (Ref. Mk. 8:25 Eyes open –remember took a second touch and ref. Mark 8:18-21 had eyes but did not see)
Mark 7:36 Jesus commanded THEM –not just healed man- not to tell (Mark 8:26 don’t go)
Mark 7:37 they believed just because they saw (This goes back to Matt. 16:4
And Thomas in John 20:29- believing just because you’ve seen)
Must realize,
“You see things of God when you believe in Him” not the other way around
John 20:29 “…Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed”
John 20:30-31 “written that you may believe”
Think back to beginning of this account of the blind and deaf man being healed.
Mark 7:32; Mark 8:22 All starts with coming and bringing people to Christ for healing.
To see (understand) you must take first step and believe, truly believe and then invite Him in (resign your will to His).
It is only then you’ll truly have
Eyes to see and ears to hear

Now go to: “Cataract” by Alexx bailey ( ) (<—-click here for devotional thought on spiritual eye sight and hearing).