Eager Vs. Meager Bible Study

Bible Study
Bible Study Taken From Thompson Chain Ref. #4150 and #4153 N.I.V. Bible

Eager Vs. Meager

Eager _________ Vs. ____________Meager

Mark10:17___________________ Eze. 33:31______________________________







Mt. 24:36-37_______________ Mt. 24:36-39_______________________________

Mt. 24:42-47_______________ Mt. 24:48-51_______________________________

Mt. 25:1-2,4,9,10___________ Mt. 25:3,8,10,11-13__________________________

Mt. 25:14-17, 19-23_________ Mt. 25:18-19,24-30___________________________

Here are the answers to fill in the blanks:

Bible Study
Bible Study Taken From Thompson Chain Ref. #4150 and #4153 N.I.V. Bible

Eager Vs. Meager


Mark 10:17 Rich young man. Ran, fell on knees (note how eager turned into meager)
Mark 12:37 Common people, with delight
Luke 21:38 Attenders @ temple, early
John 4:40 Samaritans, stay, urged
Acts 10:33 Cornelius & Fam, Sent for, listened to everything
Acts 13:42 Gentiles, speak further
Acts 17:11 Bereans, great eager, everyday
Mt. 24:36-37 Noah was eager
Mt. 24:42-47 Home owner, servant
Mt. 25:1-2,4,9,10 Wise virgins
Mt. 25:14-17, 19-23 Talents, Stewarts, wise

Eze. 33:31 Listen but don’t practice, mouth service
Mt. 13:20 Shallow hearts, rocky
Mt. 13:21 No root, No depth
Mark 8:18 Soon forgotten. Fail to see, hear, remember
Mark 8:19 Miracle and beyond—forget leftovers
2 Ti 3:7 Truth fails to grip Learn but not acknowledge
Js. 1:24 Hearers with a short memory forget
Mt. 24:36-39 Unaware, unbelieving, left out of ark
Mt. 24:48-51 Servant unprepared
Mt. 25:3,8,10,11-13 Foolish virgins
Mt. 25:18-19,24-30 Foolish use, bad investment

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