Who, what Where (Sermon under construction)

Where, Who, what? (sermon under construction)

(5/7/15 –needs more structure)
This message will ask Where, Who, What in that order.
(Tom’s Personal Journal #49 pg. 116-122,130-133, 135)
Pre-text Gen 3:1-7
Perfect condition (paradise communion and union with the creator)

Main text Gen. 3:8-

1st Question Gen. 3:8-9 God asks Adam “where are you?”
(1st Kings 19:9 & 13 God asks, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”)
2nd Question Gen. 3:11a God asks “Who told you…?” (Who have you been talking to?)
3rd Question Gen. 3:11b God asks, “Have you eaten from the tree I commanded you not to eat from?” (God confronts to lead us to confession and admission that HE is God we are not, ‘Father knows best”) Also Gen 3:13 He asks Eve, “What have you done?”

So many things can be pointed out but let’s focus on these 3 questions God asked.
1st Where are you? For Adam, God knew but wanted Adam to speak up. God wants fellowship with man. Adam hid. This leads to why. Why wasn’t Adam willing to face God and have normal fellowship…
Realizes naked, tried to make own clothes (Leaves will never do … Gen. 3:7 vs. Gen 3:21 1st sacrifice of skin and shedding of blood to cover nakedness.
Think of other places God asked WHERE ARE YOU…or called people Samuel thought Eli was calling but then realized it was the Lord and said, Here I am
Isaiah “Here am I send me”
Peter told “feed my sheep” when God asked Peter do you love me he was saying, where is your heart? And if you love me and that is where your motivation and drive is then you’ll feed my sheep.
Elijah ran and God asked, “What Are you doing here?” (and called Elijah by name)
Jonah ran and God put him thru some things to make him turn back and call on him.
God knew where Adam was so why ask? He wanted Adam to step up.

2nd “Who told you?” Gen. 3:1-5 conversation with satan (Gen . 3:6 “Adam was there with her”)
God asks more than , “who you been talking to, he asks, how do you know”? He asks why we believe lies even to the point of following thru with our actions. Not just what did you hear and WHO told you but did you take them at their word and buy into what they told you. The temptation is not the sin it is buying into what they are selling that convicts us.
Where is your source of information? THAT is the real question and have you believed that source?
Those we have Fellowship with, those who we believe to be friends are usually the ones who can help or really hurt us.
Seeds are planted, both good and bad and those seeds are thoughts and when we entertain thoughts that are not of God but of the devil that is when they can grow into a weed that can choke us out (Mt. 13).

3rd Question What have you done? The final question God asks because He wants Adam and Eve to fully realize they have sinned , ADMIT IT, don’t live in denial. Don’t Hide and until they confess their sin he cannot begin to restore them to some type of fellowship and relationship with Him again.

Problems hide beneath our shortcomings
What we are doing is a result of where we are and who we’ve been listening too…that leads us to WHAT we do, how we react, the decisions we make and the results to choices we make. There are ALWAYS consequences as a result of what we’ve done. God’s forgiveness yes but may still have to face those we wronged or pay back for what we’ve taken or loose some things we actually destroyed ourselves.
Hard to face the fact that many of the problems we have are a result of us doing or not doing some things that would have made the out come differently. Some times we may not be fully blamed but there is always some type of responsibility we do or don’t do that effects the end results.
We may need to find out what we did or didn’t do so that the out come, results or pay off won’t be the same next time. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Unless we deal with and accept responsibility for our own actions and ADMIT WHAT WE DID and do thinks differently next time we’ll fine our selves repeating the past mistakes.

So now ask yourself.
Where am i? (why am I here? Is this where I should be?
Who am I listening to? How am I forming my decisions? Self? Others? Word of God and his direction?
What Have I done? (Make amends, accept punishment, even better accept forgivness from God and others and know what’s done is now in the past and learn from mistake, let God restore us and go on in better and more faithful obidiance to Him.

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