Think, Pot head

Think, Pot Head
Few points here in this Devo:
This same main scripture and devotional can be used to get across a few completely different subjects, topics, point.
-Consider WHO the group is you’re talking to then pray and share:
These are not necessarily 3 points to be given to one group of people, but rather material and scripture to be share with 3 different audiences, 3 separate groups of people (consider WHO you’re talking to)

1.)Think of body as temple of Holy spirit and what we take in, even when not ‘pot’ other harmful or unconstructive things that don’t help or may even do damage to us, deconstructive.

2.)Think of self as “Pot” and Clay (jars of clay)

3.)Think of those who think Pot (Marijuana is harmless)

1.) 1st Co. 10:23 All things permissible but not beneficial/constructive
Also 1st Co. 6:12
Can memorize 1st Co. 6:12 by thinking of the first man you met who was 6 foot 12 inches –(in your mind imagine meeting this man today for the 1st Time. He is from a town called Corinth and he is 6’12’’)
This man explains to you that Every thing is permissible for him –but not everything is beneficial (Also found in 1st Co. 10:23). Everything is permissible for me –but I will not be mastered by anything. –goes on to ref. food (not even what people would consider a vice and yet for so many of us food and the kind of food we eat or even Spiritual food we take into our mind can not only not be constructive but destructive. CONSIDER 1st Co. 6:12 and 1st Co. 10:23 Then read 1st Co. 6:13-20
Now look at 2nd Co. 6:12-2nd Co. 7:1
2nd Co. 12:6 (the dyslexia of switching the verse and chapter really works here because Paul goes on to talk about trouble (THORNS) we have in the flesh.
2nd Co. 12:6-12
Now 1st Co. 12:12 One body, many parts

2.) 1st Co. 6:19 & 20 –body temple of Holy Spirit, honor
1st Co. 12:12 Body is unit
Eph. 4:30 (members of His body) Col. 1:24 (the church)
Ro. 12:1,4 offer body as living sacrifice, many members
1st Co. 6:15 (bodies are members)

2nd Co. 4:7 (Jars of Clay) 2nd Co. 4:1-18
2nd Co.5:17 new creation

Does the thing that was molded and created say to its creator, you didn’t make me right? NO, creator is the creator and He knows what’s best because HE created it and created it for a purpose. Our cereal bowl doesn’t say, “I’m not going to hold milk today!”
Job 10:9 (Job 10:8-12 – molded)

Purpose Ro. 8:28; 9:11,17; 2nd Co.5:5; Eph. 3:11; Php. 2:2,13;

3.) Gen. 1:30 (heard so many people use this verse to condone or say that God condones the use of ‘pot’ (marijuana) let’s read Gen. 1:30 and think of 420 people)

Last part Gen 1:30 –I give every green plant for food and it was so.

Ask honestly are you using it for food, and I don’t mean just in brownies. Are you truly, really using it as a source of food? Must ask why. Why are you using it? Can it be good, sure maybe in a responsible, reasonable amount. Same with Wine but when it is used for the wrong reason, to go to as an escape (just like any escape) rather than going to God and Christ and The Holy Spirit as a source to help, heal, clarify and understand and thrive then pot, just like food or any things else we partake of can become like God to use and yet it is part of His creation not Him self.
Some people go to co-dependant relationships with others rather than God to communication and better relationship with God and THAT is a problem because people, humans, or other things God created are not God Himself, just part of His creation and they lack the perfection that can only come directly from God. Remember Eve –saw fruit, wisdom increase, become like god but was wrong and ruined original and intended relationship with God.

NOW GO BACK UP TO POINT ONE AND POINT TWO 1.) 2.) and consider that you are free in Christ, God makes you free and it is permissible but not beneficial and consider that not everything we do is constructive and if you REALLY want to be perfected in The Lord, set apart from this world ya have to consider what is truly constructive for you and your relationship with HIM. THAT is when you’ll truly be free. Free from addictive behavior not a slave to anything, not even yourself but a true servant of God.

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