Mnemonics -Memorizing Bible verses

Aids to memorization of Bible facts, locations of verses, chapters, teachings, etc.
(Thompson Chain Ref. Bible #4315)
Key is Repetition and association
Look for coincidences
“THE 3:16’s”
John 3:16 =Great promise
Other important “3:16’s”
Prov. 3:16 (wisdom)
Mal. 3:16 (Lord’s treasured possessions)
Luke 3:16 (two baptisms)
Ac. 3:16 (the mighty name)
1st Co. 3:16 (Temple of The Holy Spirit)
Col. 3:16 (indwelling of God’s Word)
1st Tim. 3:16 (mystery of godliness)
2nd Tim 3:16 (Value of Scripture)

“THE 2:10’s of Jesus”
Lk. 2:10 (Joy bringer)
Eph. 2:10 (Character builder)
Php. 2:10 (adorable name)
Col. 2:10 (Fulfiller of life)
Heb. 2:10 (Captain of our salvation)
Rev. 2:10 (Crown Giver)

“The 4:13’s Gifts of Jesus
Jn. 4:13-14 (Satisfaction)
Ac. 4:13 (transformation)
Eph. 4:13 (Inspiration)
Php. 4:13 (power)
1st Th. 4:13-14 (consolation)

Other coincidences
7th Chapter of Genesis = waters of death
7th Chapter of John = Water of life (v.37)

3 great warning chapters
(all contain 3)
Jer. 23
Eze. 33
Mt. 23
(all warnings to religious leaders)

Last words, recorded
Of Jesus (on power), Ac. 1:8
Of James (on soulwinning), Jas. 5:20
Of Peter (on growth), 2nd Pe. 3:18
Of Jude (on divine support), Jude 24-25
Of John (on divine grace), Rev. 22:21

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