“Messiah’s Misfits”

Messiah’s Misfits
(The Message Translation)
1st Co. 1:26-31;4:9-13(fools for Christ, Scum of the earth)
Is. 57:15 (Low-spirited, spirit crushed)
Jn. 4:27 (“That kind of woman”)
2 Thess. 3:5 (Take you by the hand)
Invite the misfits
Mt. 9:9-13 Mt. 11:19
Mk. 2:15-17
Lk. 5:29-32; 7:39; 14:7-14; 15:1-3; 19:1-10
Jn. 8:11
1st Tim 1:15
Is. 29:17-21; 53:11-12

Charles Swindoll wrote “a gross intolerance of those who don’t fit our mold reveals itself in a stoic stare or a caustic comment. Such legalistic and prejudiced reactions will thin the ranks of the local church faster than fire in the basement or flu in the pew.
If you question that, take a serious look at Paul’s letter to the Galatians. His pen flowed with heated ink as he rebuked them for “deserting” Christ (1:6), “nullifying the grace of God” (2:21), becoming “bewitched” by legalism (3:1), and desiring “to be enslaved” by this crippling disease (4:9).
Sure there are limits to our freedom. Grace doesn’t condone license. Love has its biblical restrictions. The opposite of legalism is not “do as you please.”
-It is do that which pleases God.
1 John 1:9
Look back at WHO Christ accepted and ask yourself if YOU can accept Christ now.

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7 thoughts on ““Messiah’s Misfits”

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  2. I put this video/music at the end of several post in the comment section because even the first few words say so much.
    This is by the band “Styx”

    Do you hear what i hear, the world crying out to see real authentic Jesus lived out faithfully by people they they know? Here is “DCTalk” with the song What If I Stumble

    We preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with our actions more than from behind a pulpit on a Sunday Morning or Wednesday Night.

    Need KEITH GREEN song here, “To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice.”
    If you don’t laugh you’ll cry but most importantly i pray you also will learn, change constantly and grow in The Lord Jesus Christ:

    Whether we want to or not we are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ with our actions more than from behind a pulpit on a Sunday Morning or Wednesday Night.

    Sometime we need to kick against the pricks other times we need to stop kicking but still stand strong and live out our Christian walk, regardless of what other parts of the body may or may not be doing or not doing. Go to: When to kick, when to stop INDEX


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