Message 1 Stone, 1 Throw, 1 Dead Giant

david vs goliath1 stone, 1 throw, 1 dead giant SERMON
August 13, 2015 at 4:39pm
1 Stone, 1 Throw, 1 Dead Giant – this is the whole sermon, not just notes…

Armor of King Saul David tried:
1st Sam. 17:38-51
Armor of God we need:
Eph. 6:10-18
Col. 3:12-17

Our Stone= Christ our strength and our righteousness
(a Rock of offense)
In Christ alone I’ll stand, Christ our solid ROCK. HE is our weapon. HE is our ROCK.
What do you take a stand for? People know all too often what we are against not what we are for.
Col. 3:12-17 …”let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly’’…LIVE IT
With what backing, what rationalization do you argue your point in life?
If purpose in Life is to LIVE FOR GOD
the stone that slaughters the giants in our lives is The Living Word Of God (notice what I called the Bible) THE LIVING WORD, Christ!

THE BIBLE SAYS in John 1:1 “In the beginning was the word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
When we live according to the Word of God and more importantly HAVE HIM IN US, we become Christ like and if we are true to HIS word others will see the words in the Bible practiced.
They can come to know God’s attributes, character and nature through us.

B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)
In the S.A. we have sword drills (our weapon)
Hold your Bible in the air…
Eph. 6:10-18 CHARGE!

Once you know what weapons you are equip with you need to know how to use that weapon and how to effectively put it into effect.
Note 1st Sam. 17:38 The kings armor didn’t fit…
1st Sam. 17:39 “I can not go in these”
1st Sam. 17:40 David had to go with what he knew (staff, stones, pouch, sling AND most important GOD.)
1 Sam. 17:41-44 Read trash talkin’
Compare weapons of men (giant) with weapons of God
1 Sam. 17:45 (army/sword bearer + giant + sword +spear + Javeline)
David doesn’t say, “and I got a stone” He says,
1st Sam. 17:45-47 In the name of The Lord Almighty
God’s power not our own.
Read 1st Sam. 17:45-47 …it is not about the physical weapons and physical armor..
Eph. 6:10-18 we know what kind of armor, tools and protection we are given…
Now what?

Note 1st Sam. 17:48 David ran quickly toward the battle line.

The throw= Aggressive for The Lord. “Take action”
Not just believing but expressing that belief and taking action to defeat evil with it.
The World hurls insults, Children of God hurl healing and love toward others.
1st Sam. 17:49 Reached into bag (the lil’ pouch I made fun of earlier)
Took out the stone (actively get your hands on Christ, His word and ALL HE IS)
And David SLUNG IT.
World slings all kinds of things at God and His people to offend all He stands for but Church we should be the ones slinging around THE TRUTH.
I don’t mean haphazardly slinging Bible verses around…
There are some politicians and some religious people
Known for mudslinging and even taking the word of God and slinging it here and there to say what THEY want. THAT IS MISUSE.
SO, I don’t mean haphazardly slinging Bible verses around
but accurately handling the Word of Truth and using the Scriptures wisely in order to combat what the world says against the Lord and His ways.
NOTE: 1st Sam. 17:50 without a sword (common man made instrument)
God uses the little things to defeat great things.
He does what to us seems impossible.
The Result?

Dead giant= Accomplishments in Christ.
Major issues (giant), problems, difficulties and struggles in life are overcome, defeated and DEAD.
Even our very sin is dead when we live in Christ and His victory.
1st Sam. 17:51 …took the giant’s own sword and cut off his head…NOTE he was already dead.
Go back 1 Sam. 17:44 What giant said.
1 Sam 17:46 what David said
1 Sam 17:50 killed him dead.
To drive it all home and be a man of God’s Word
1st Sam. 17:51 cut off his head with the sword.
Cut off the giants head with the giant’s own sword!

The devil and his workers can seem like a giant and he and his workers will use the Word of God. They know the word of God…
Jesus in the wilderness being tempted, Satan himself used the word of God but Jesus used the word of God accurately.
The Word of God is sharper than a two edged sword
In the wrong hands it can be deadly and kill even the most godly person but use correctly and in the hands of someone who let God’s word stand on it’s own, not adding or taking away from it and FOR GOD’s PURPOSE it can be turned against the enemy and defeat and destroy.
1 Stone (Christ our Rock, His Word)
1 Throw (Use it, accurately)
1 Dead Giant (Victory over sin, satan’s power, and even death)



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