Illustrative Illusions

Illustrative Illusions
August 13, 2015 at 11:14am
These are various object lessons i’ve picked up along the way and it is amazing to see what God reveals to people as i pray and share these with others.

Here are a few inspirational
illusions and illustrations
Name of this one:
Clear out the cob webs

Cotton balls, small rubber spider

Practice slight of hand to make cotton ball disappear and reappear  (appears that you put it into you right hand but it remains in your left).
A head of time pre-hide a few cotton balls in various books, in a Bible, around room, in another room.
Rubber spider in back pocket, if  you have a second one may plant it on someone or hide in room.

Cotton ball represents cobwebs, confusion in life.
Spideris real problem, root of situation and circumstances.

Get rid of the Spider otherwise cobwebs will keep coming back.
Only Christ, through what He did by dying on the cross and rising from the dead, can remove the real issues of our confusion and problems. We can try to clean cobwebs out of our heads but only Christ can fix the real problem and renew our nature.
We have a sinful nature that separates us from God.
Like Peter Parker (the fictional character who became spiderman)
He became like a spider after bit by one. We take on ways of the world as we continue to live in it.
BUT If WE take a bite of what God has for us (TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD Psalm 34:8) and accept Christ, His Holy Spirit, in our lives HE renews us, we become born again and we take on the nature of Christ.

CobWebs- Cotton ball reps. Cob webs we find in our minds and all over our spiritual life. We ALL have skeletons in our closets. We all have dust and dirt in our spiritual lives. We try to clean things up so we can think clearer and we knock down the cob webs (slight of hand make cottonball disappear from one hand) but there always seem to be more (pull out of ear). So we knock those down too (disappear) but everyone has them (pull out of another person’s ear). We see others have them too and then we notice we have some we didn’t even know about but one day we see them (pull out of shoe). So we try to do a real thorough clearing and we try to clean them up and throw them off (Throw toward window). But it is then that we realize there are other rooms in our soul we didn’t even know about or think about and when we look (look outside of window, see cotton ball on ledge of window that was preplaced, there the whole time. While they are looking slip rubber spider into closed hand) and we wonder if we are ever going to get rid of the cob webs.
The problem is not the cobwebs, we can knock them down but they will always come back BECAUSE the problemis not the cob webs (Reveal the spider). The problem is the spider.
We must get rid of the spider!
Going deeper, what is the spider? Drugs, Alcohol, another person, NO the spider is your soul and until THAT is changed you’ll continue to have cob webs.

Spiderman–Peter Parker gets bit by spider and takes on traits of a spider. We are effected by things that bit us. If we take a bit out of what God has to offer us, “Taste and see that the Lord is good”, we’ll take on His characteristics. We can become more and more like Christ but we have to feed our Spirit thing Jesus fed His. Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God (Mt. 4:4; Lk. 4:4). Jesus is the bread of life ( Jn. 6:33,35,51). Communion (Jn. 6:51-58). Mt. 7:21 (must “know” Him). Rev. 3:20 (he stands at door and knocks…come in and dine with you & you with Him). Hebrews 10:11-14

THIS NEXT ONE IS NAMED: – “Open the eyes of ‘nine’ heart” OR “Special Deck”

“Svengali deck” of cards (cannot do it without that type of deck).
Write “9 of hearts” on bottom of cup or folded piece of paper.
Also, plant another 9 of hearts some place else for later. I’ve even seen the extra 9 of hearts delicately put into an orange or lemon so that when you slice the fruit it is inside. I did it once with a bag of chips. I opened the bag carefully, put the card in it then resealed the bag with a liter amount of glue so it looks like it hasn’t been opened.

Face down riffle (flip with thumb) thru cards, show that it looks like regular deck of cards.
Riffle till someone says stop. Have them take card from where stopped, they look at it but don’t show me. Have them put it back in deck where they took it from.
Reveal 9 of hearts I wrote ahead of time on a piece of paper.
Do again but this time make other 9 of hearts card appear some place else.
Put that 9 of hearts on FACE UP DECK tap and riffle show WHOLE DECK 9 of hearts. HOW COULD I GO WRONG when whole deck is the 9 of hearts? (they are boggled because they saw the deck was not all the 9 of hearts just a few minutes ago).

How can I be sure the one you picked is 9 of hearts?
IF whole deck is 9 of hearts or because this deck it “created special” with all 9 of hearts how could you NOt pick the 9 of hearts and I know you’re going to pick it? (trick revealed -With THIS deck every other card is the 9 of hearts but they are just a little shorter than the other cards so when riffle one way you see different cards but when riffle the other way ‘looks like’ whole deck is 9 of hearts)
How can I be sure and you be sure you have a soul, spiritual side? Because we are human.
Out of all things created humans have a will, conscience, soul, spirit. YOU HAVE A SPIRITUAL SIDE, you can be sure of it. It is the way you were made.

Also consider use Hebrews 9:9 (extra 9H’s card as book marker)
Hebrews9:9 “This is an illustration for the present time, indicating that the gifts and sacrifices being offered were not able to clear the conscience of the worshiper.” – use scripture to explain, these inspirational illusions are just like object lessons to illustrate a point. Real supernatural miracles are only found in the power of The Lord Jesus Christ. Gifts and sacrifices being offered to God are not able to save you and clear your conscience ONLY CHRIST CAN.

Can also use:
Matt.9:9 (start discussion/lesson on Matthew being called to follow)

Mark9:9 (Jesus gives orders to not tell anyone what they had seen, until He has beenrisen from the dead).
Tell the vision to no one = TELEVISION to no one LOL
The timing was not right, Christ needed them to wait until he was risen.
May tie in with, don’t tell how trick is done until after people see it so they can enjoy the trick. If they know ahead of time the impact of the illusion would not have any lasting impression.

Luke9:9 (Herod looking to see who this Jesus is –spark of interest). Heard about Him, wants to see for his self. As we share Christ and what He has done in our lives others will want to know Him personally)

John9:9 (Account of blind man being healed by Christ, people seeing him and arguing over it and the man insisting, “I am the man” –personal testimony).

Acts9:9 (Saul’s conversion)

Romans 9:9 (God’sSovereign Choice) – this one is a little deeper. Verse 12 –‘not by works but by him who calls’ Verse 16 does not depend on man’s desires or effort but on God’s mercy. Verse 20-21 God is creator and in control. Full text Romans 9:9-32 –by faith not by works. May go onto to James 1:22-27 (doer of word not just a listener) or James 2:14-26 (Faith Without works)

2nd Corinth. 9:9 (2nd Corinthians 9:6-11 Sow and reap)

Hebrews9:9 (mentioned above)

Jude9 (Speaks of godless men who don’t understand and these type people secretly slipping in among us. Jude Verses 3-13)

Psalm9:9 “The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.”
Have not looked at anyour chapter nine verse 9  in the Old Testament but there may be some gems.


Full Tin or Tin full or your full of “mints” or “Uncanny” (use your own imagination)

4 Altoids small mint CANs
Rubberband 1 full can on wrist under loose fit coat.
Empty 2 other cans, place mints from those cans some place unexpected.
Keep 4th can full.
Put two empty cans and one full can one table.

Open cans/tins so they see two are empty and one is full.
(Careful how much you move hand with full one on wrist)
Play game of shells – tell them you are going to move them around and they are to pick the full one. KEEP EYE ON FULL ONE!
After mix up always pick up and empty one and shake it (they will hear the one on your wrist -held by rubber band and covered with long sleeve).
After a few tries narrow it down to two.
Tell them once again to KEEP THEIR  EYE ON THE FULL ONE!
Then let them pick, again shake empty one.

Slide empty one forward (the one they think it is full)
Ask,“What makes this one different from the other two?”
(Pick it up and shake it making full sound from wrist)
Answer,“it is full!”
Tap top of tin and open it, revealing it is empty, then close again.
Tell them it is empty cause mints are in unexpected place (place picked ahead of time).
While they look for those slide back empty tin and move full one forward.
Ask again, “What makes this one different from the other two?”
Answer, “It is empty, or is it?”
Open and reveal it is full.

Why did you believe it was empty or full? Cause I told you, because you saw it?
There are things that God tells us that are beyond what we think or know. (Is. 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.”)
Is. 55:6-11 Seek the Lord while He may befound,
…His word does not return void. Prayer, God use this Illustration to inspire people to search their own souls and to seek Your Holy Spirit to come into their life and forgive them, make them right in Your sight and fill them.

Deeper and specifically for Detox Center:
People may tell you ‘you are empty!’ or you may have a hard time finding your own heart and knowing where it is, where you stand spiritually but you do have a soul. People may tell you ‘your full of something (not mints)’ but what is important is what you know about your own life and what is really in your heart regardless of what others say. You have a heart and God wants to fill it with good things, fill it with Himself. People may tell you your worthless and empty, God tells you, “you are valuable to me”.


The Peanut in a shell – hide in hand ask riddle…what is in my hand???

Clues: It was once alive (take a peek and make a face like your sad that it is not alive).

Another clue: I’ve been referred to in this way (don’t tell them you’re a nut).

Other good clues:

You’ve never seen it, NO ONE has ever seen it, it has never seen the light of day. HINT…once you see it you will only see it for a few seconds and then it will be gone forever, never to be seen again. (open hand, open peanut shell) no one has ever seen THIS peanut, it was always in a shell…EAT IT & SWOLLOW. Can’t see your soul. Body is a shell around it.

Asked what a peanut needs to grow? (Answer: water, sun, soil).

Peanut MUST be grown in good soil –go to soil illustration.

Now think of your soul, your spirit as soil.
When seeds of spiritual knowledge, spiritual food, spiritual healing, spiritual growth comes, what kind of soil does it land in?
Here are 4 types of soil:
1. Path way– seed lands but is trampled on and birds able to eat it before it gets achance to even start to grow.
2. Shallow rocky soil– rocks in there and shallow. Roots go down but not enough to sustain growth and it dries up
3. Soil with weeds, thorns, brush– it grows but gets chocked out by weeds (worry, other desires, things around it, people)
4. Good soil– deep, been plowed, tilled, rocks removed, weeds removed ‘by the roots’, cleared out and has an acceptance for the seed that lands on it and the seed isable to grow and BLOOM.

What Kind of soil is your soul,your Spiritual life?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mt. 13:1-13 Sower Mt. 13:24-30 (Weeds), 36-43 (Explained)

Mark. 4:3-20 Luke 8:4-15

Spiritual life that is good soil, note Matt. 13:24-30
Good seed, good soil, enemy plants weeds, pull up and out? No! What do I do? Wait, KEEP GROWING. Let Lord of The Harvest reap and judge.

Here are my personal notes that go along with the illustrations
Notes: “The Brick”, “The Barf Bag”, “The X-Ray”, “The Peanut”, “TheBird”, “Automatic Sink”, “Cob Webs”, Spiderman, “Card”, “Mints”, “Ball”,“Marble”, “Glow Stick”, “Coin in cup”

Short Descriptions and background:
TheBrick – Fake brick made outta foam. Looks like a brick but soft on inside.

The Barf Bag – on plane ride guy decides to put good leftover food in bag, airline attendant goes to collect and he says, “no I am saving this to eat later” (Value inside known only to him)

Surgical glove- fill with air, can’t see but because of air, see effect. The glove on the hand of a doctor can do some amazing things. Imagine if God, the chief physician, fills your life.
Oh how he can use you.

“The X-Ray” -only way to tell what is wrong with bones, need spiritual x-ray vision to look in on your soul.

God Himself knocking at door of heart and you can’t seem to find the door.

The Peanut – hide in hand ask riddle…what is inmy hand??? clue you’ve never seen it, NO ONE has ever seen it, it has never seen light of day. HINT…once you see it you will only see it for a few seconds and then it will be gone forever, never to be seen again. More hints- it was once alive, I’ve been referred to in this way (open hand, open peanut shell) no one has ever seen THIS peanut, it was always in a shell…EAT IT & SWOLLOW. Can’t see your soul. Body is a shell around it. Peanut MUST be grown in good soil –go to soil illustration (See above).

TheBird -lil’ girl had bird always sang so pretty and finally cleaned cage with vacuum, sucked bird into vac. Got it outta bag cleaned up put back in cage…it was okay but it didn’t sing as much. Once given time it recovered and sang again. Relate to life, what we go through and how it effects our “song” our soul. Given time we will sing again but need Spiritual healing.

Automatic sink, soap, towel –when my girls were lil’ went into public rest room and they waved their hands under facet then under soap then under paper towel cause they were so use to all that being automatic. I had to turn knobs for them. We are grown now and know, no one is going to turn knob for us, we have to figure it all out on our own and we can…not just wave hands around but put them into full use to accomplish the cleaning.

“The BALL” –looks like normal ball but when you bounce it it lights up.

(Cobwebs, card, mints all above)

“Glow Stick” – simple, short, sweet, ONCE SNAPPED and connection made it is activated and only then does it glow (Mt. 5:15-16).

“Coin In Cup” -Hold coin in right hand tell them you’re going to get that coin into the cup. Hit bottom of small glass container on third hit change position of coin so it hits hand holding the small glass container enough to pop up into the air, up and over the edge of the glass and ends up in glass. Looks like it is going thru bottom and into glass. Do a couple times, then in slow motion so they see how to do the trick. EXPLAIN: you have to change position of coin to get it in glass. Insanity = doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. One guy at a Detox center said, if i change the way i handle my money alone, things would be a lot different for me.

This one particularly good to use with E.P.I.C. Detox and mental health facility.
Lost my marbles

Three Marbles

This is all sleight of hand. Put 1 marble in ear ahead of time. Put 2nd one in shoe. 3rd one just use with sleight of hand.

Do simple sleight of hand. At one point have marble come out of ear, and out of shoe. Play around, have fun and keep up for a little while to get to message and point.

Regardless of what you think or what others tell you or try to make you feel. You have not lost your marbles!

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