Public Journal G.P.S. Capt. Jesus

I guess i should talk to my oldest and only son Alexx Bailey and oldest daughter Kyri Bailey about how to blog or where to blog before I even attempt to do this but thought this might be a good place to start, typos and all.

I’ve kept personal journals since i was 8. When i was 14 they developed into what is more like a prayer journals and i have gathered so much material that has been personally helpful but when shared with others, helpful to them as well.

I’d love to have a youtube Channel and just let the camera roll and speak freely but i think there is more than enough shtuff out there on youtube and i am not sure how helpful any thing i would post would be. Here, perhaps it will make more sense and if i can figure out how to post a video and do it so it is enjoyable to watch and hear then i’ll go that route.

Like a G.P.S. (Global Positioning Satellite) my hope and prayer is that God will use me to give some directions or plant some seeds that other people can take from here and share in their neck of the woods. As you think about it that way our Father in heaven is sending messages to those that truly ask and when we receive that message, just like a satellite, we can let that message bounce off us and reach those around us, where ever we are.

Many of the Parables, metaphors, illustrations, stories, and “thingys” ya don’t know what to call may help you or someone you know. All i know is, “I gotta tell somebody else”

(Don Fansisco song, see at  https://youtu.be/1Y3UMT4t_ok    or      https://youtu.be/BPdBwBQrbIk ) .

I do that at home, at work and at play but in this day and age with the www thing going on i believe the devil does not have all the good music or all the good technology and i’ll add my 2 cents and hope it makes sense to you or someone you know.

You’ll note i put youtube catches – if that is what you call them- from time to time. If you cut and paste them in it will take you to the video. You MAY be able to just click on the link and it take you there too.

As I write different things the youtube video will correspond with what I am trying to say or show. When given the opportunity to speak publically I use these videos to get the points accross too.

May this be useful to those who read this and feel free to cut, past, share on line or when you have the chance to speak publically as well.


Capt. Jesus

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