Fix our eyes -Indepth Bible Study

Fix Your Eyes
Fix Your Eyes, Mind, Words on HIM
Heb. 3:1;12:2
Phil. 4:6-9
1st Pe. 1:13
Prov. 4:20-27
2 Co. 4:16-18
Eph. 1:18
Ro. 8:5-14
Col. 3:2
Ps. 119:30-37
Dt. 11:18
(Thompson Chain 506, 509-510- Vision)
(Thompson Chain 4066 –Mind Of Christ)

We search for acceptance, we seek to please people, we try to measure up to other’s standards and look for them to approve of us;
Boss, wife, parents, family, teachers.
We also want them to lead us, we want them to be pleased with us and we want to be blessed with them but we will never be able to please everyone all the time and we will never be all they want us to be and they may not be all we want them to be. WE ARE ALL HUMAN and full of flaws.
THAT is another reason why we MUST fix our eyes on Jesus and all HE is.
He is everything we need, everything.
IN HIM we are everything we need to be.

Eyes are ambition
God pleaser not man pleaser.
Gal. 1:6-11 –v.10 try to win approval of man or of God? V.11-12 Not received by man
Mt. 5:8 Pure in heart seek and “see” God.
Illustration: The original “Big Bird”, Ostrage, bury egg in sand then keep eye where they put it cause so valuable and buried so well if they take eye off even they can loose track. Parable of buried treasure, buy field.
Mt. 6:22,33 Seek first the Kingdom of God.
Mt. 7:7 Seek and find
Prov.3:5 Trust and ACKNOWLEDGE HIM in all ways and He will give desire of heart. Desire HIM.
Js. 4:1-9 desire, ambition, drive, motivation. Eye off others, off self, drawn to HIM. Ref. back Mt. 6:22-24 (eyes, motive, serve 2 masters? 2 eyes but can only focus on one thing -unlike chameleon).
Acknowledge HIM Lk. 12:8, Mt. 10:32, Mk. 8:38, 2nd Tim. 2:12
Jn. 21:20-22 Peter one on one with the Lord and Peter asks, “what about John?” Jesus reminds Peter and us, ‘that he to you? YOU follow me.’

John13:35-49 The light to see, blinded eyes, in the light
Luke 10:23-24 ~Holy Spirit give us eyes to see and ears to hear.

Video by band “For King And Country” Song: “Fix My Eyes”:


(Chain 506)
“Whatcha’ lookin’ at?

Looking _________________________ arrest progress (Lot’s Wife Gen. 19:26).

Looking __________________________________ Saves (Nu.21:9;Jn3:14,15).

Looking___ __________________________ Depresses (Peter Sinks Mt.14:29,30).

Looking ________________________________ Glorifies (Acts 7:55).

Spiritual Vision chain 509

Look to God for Inspiration and help Chain 510

Divine Vision Chain 507 (Comprehends all Human Life)

Of Christ –Chain 509 (Full of Compassion)
Eyes To See Ears To Hear
Read Matt. 16:1-12
Read Mark 8:11-21
Matt. 16:12 -Then they understood
Mark 8:21 –“do you still not understand?”
Jesus Heals the blind
Mark 8:23 “Do you see anything?”
Mark 8:21 “Do you understand?”
Look closer at account of Jesus healing the blind man-
Mark 8:22-25
V. 22 ‘some people’ (stretcher bearers) brought & begged Jesus
v.23 Jesus took his hand, led outside the village (ref. back Mk. 8:11 –Jesus had to move on, being constantly tested. Crossed to other side. Remember how Christ was trying to get believers that were genuine –not just because of signs and he did this also because it wasn’t time for his death yet so didn’t want controversy –even after healing he said, “don’t go into village” v.26) Think also about, ‘sanctification meaning set apart. Jesus pulled this man aside and away from everything and everyone else.
v.23 Spit. Jesus’ saliva, bodily fluid, -our best is like filthy rags compared with Him-
v.23b Jesus asks, “Do you see anything?” (Ref. back Mk. 8:21 “do you still not understand?”
Metaphor of how the more time with Christ and the more He touches us the more we see and get to know and understand Him and see Him (Ref. to Mt. 16:12 –then they understood –Mark 8:12 the parallel Jesus asks, “Do you still not understand?”)
V. 24 Man looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.” (had some vision –glass dimly)
v. 25 “ONCE MORE”
v.25 put hands on man’s eyes (ref. back –took by hand and hands on v.23)
V. 25 going on then man’s eyes were open.
Deeper, 2nd, 3rd touch. How many times we need to be touched to develop our sight?
One touch, even touching the fringe of His coat was enough for the one woman()
Song- “Touch Me Again Lord”
v.25 sight ‘restored’ and could see everything clearly
need clarity, not just see but truly understand and have clarity.
Mark 8:18-21 had eyes but did not see
v. 26 go HOME but don’t go to village (go home but don’t tell everyone in the village)
Try and hide the fact you’ve been healed. If you say nothing God’s power still speaks through your changed life. People see you and see change.

Jesus heals the deaf
Look closer at account of Jesus healing the deaf man-
Mark 7:31-37
v.32 “some people” (again as with Mark 8:22) –stretcher bearer type people brought, begged, asked for Jesus to place hands on.
v. 33 (Ref. forward to Mark 8:23) Jesus led away from Crowd, we see He did this again in Mark 8:23 with the blind man.
With these two accounts it is almost as if the people that later brought the blind man were following the same course they may have seen or heard about with Jesus healing this deaf man –it worked before so let’s let Christ DO IT AGAIN!
We see others come to know Him or others see how he has healed us and intern when people see CHRIST’S POWER and ability they come to know He can do it again and for them.
Mark 7:33 Fingers in, spit (Ref. forward Mark 8:23b)
Mark 7:34 Looked up and said to him, “Be opened!”
v. 35 Ears open, tongue loosened, began speaking plainly (Ref. Mk. 8:25 Eyes open –remember took a second touch and ref. Mark 8:18-21 had eyes but did not see)
Mark 7:36 Jesus commanded THEM –not just healed man- not to tell (Mark 8:26 don’t go)
Mark 7:37 they believed just because they saw (This goes back to Matt. 16:4
And Thomas in John 20:29- believing just because you’ve seen)
Must realize,
“You see things of God when you believe in Him” not the other way around
John 20:29 “…Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed”
John 20:30-31 “written that you may believe”
Think back to beginning of this account of the blind and deaf man being healed.
Mark 7:32; Mark 8:22 All starts with coming and bringing people to Christ for healing.
To see (understand) you must take first step and believe, truly believe and then invite Him in (resign your will to His).
It is only then you’ll truly have
Eyes to see and ears to hear

Now go to: “Cataract” by Alexx bailey ( ) (<—-click here for devotional thought on spiritual eye sight and hearing).

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