1st Sam. 16:7
Does Appearance matter?
Story to help with security matters old lady but size 13 work boots out side of her front door, no one ever bothered her assuming there was a big strong construction worker living there.

Auto detailing van dents, dirt, no shine. Bad detailer? No but by looks of van with decals, logos, and sayings like, “we won’t leave wax in your cracks” said opposite of condition of van.

So does our dress, out outward appearance speak for us ? Better question is HOW does our outward appearance speak for us?

Non verbal communication examples. So much said without a word (show examples, facial, body language, walk, shape of shirt- half tucked in and walk with limp, as if wounded). Other non-verbal examples: I know a guy who, you know… (gesture like drinking – use hand with fingers up in air toward  and thumb toward mouth, then finish sentence) You know…plays the trumpet (hope they were thinking gesture indicate a boozer/heavy drinker). Another guy he was (do one jazz hand – gesture meaning he is flack then say)…you know he has Parkinson. Another guys he (gesture like smoking a joint, then finish sentence) …he drinks a lot of soda with a straw.

{not sure how this will translate in writing, i am use to doing it verbal and i am very animated when i talk}

Outward expressions of inner faith (uniform).
Simple smile
The ‘eyes’ have it (making eye contact).
Dressing to impress but at same time not overly caught up in pleasing man but please God and for that our outward clothing He doesn’t look at like people do. Recall Adam and Eve after knowledge of good and evil were ashamed of nakedness, later King David danced naked before the Lord.
Going to extremes, some have said okay I am going to tat. My face and mutilate my body. Others have said, only wear full length dress, cover face, long sleve shirts or blouses.
So, although we should say something by what we wear we need not go to either extreme, don’t over think it, be ourselves or better yet what God has made us and realize people are going to judge us by outward but more importantly God is looking at out heart.
Can’t see the wind, can see the effects of the wind but can’t see the wind.
Mt. 7:15-23 bearing fruit, knowing Jesus.
Fruit inspector, not county fair judge, but aware and cautious that one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch or barrel.
Gal. 5:16-26 Actions speak louder than words.
Christian are we truly Christ like?
John 8:15…You judge by human standards…


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