A Belief Beyond Belief

A Belief Beyond Belief
Open Bible –Strange things
Thompson Chain-#2486 & 2488
Job 5:9; 11:7
Ecc. 3:11
Is. 40:28
Try as we might we still can’t fathom what God has done, what He is doing and what He will do, no more than we can save ourselves.
Is. 55:8 His ways are not ours…
Is. 55:11 His word does not return void.
Do we take for granted God’s presence?
Faith in my wife (marriage) much like relationship with Christ.
When I kiss her goodbye in the morning she trust I am coming back. When I get home if she is not there because she is at work. I have faith that she will be home before the night is over.
So also with Christ, we can know, HE IS COMING BACK for us and in the meantime we can fellowship with him.
SOMEDAY we’ll see Him face to face
(2 Co 3:7-18, Rev. 22:4, 1st Co. 13:11-12)

Communion/Fellowship with the Lord:

Right now like phone calls (prayer)
Letters (God’s Word)
But someday it will be even better and beyond what World Wide Social Media is capable of.
Rev. 3:20 (Stand at the door and knock)

Further Study
The back of God
Ex. 33:19-23 (Moses); Ex. 34:29-35 Veil/Radiant face
2nd Co. 3:7-18; 1st Co. 13:11-12; Rev. 22:4

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