3 Men and a Baby

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 Wish i knew who to give credit for this initial seed thought. Major Rebecca Mott said she had heard this same or similar illustration too and it left an impression.

3 Men And A Baby


The way i tell it is:

There were these three coal miners and they came home from working in the mines and there was a baby on their door step. They took the baby in and tried to care for it but right away realized they had to clean the place up. The bought some clean sheets and made a cradel for the baby. When looking at the baby in his new bed they realized the floor around it was so dirty and as the baby got out of the crib and on to the floor it needed to be clean so they swept up, even mopped. Then they noticed how dirty the curtains were and the sink and their own rooms. They wanted that baby to live in a clean home. One of the men noticed that the baby had dirt in his hair because he didn’t wash his hands when he picked the baby up. So they would bathe themselves more frequently so their odor and dirt wouldn’t effect the baby. They cleaned up the yard outside the house too so the baby could go outside and be comfortable and safe there too.

After some time ‘their old house’ started to really look nice to others too. Ya see, before the baby came along and into their home it didn’t matter to them how clean they were or what shape the house was in but now that there was child who they loved there it mattered much more than before.

The baby was growing fast and he needed a clean place. The baby didn’t demand it, why he couldn’t even speak, well, he spoke but they didn’t understand gibberish. None the lest, they sure understood what that baby wanted. After a while the baby didn’t even have to cry when he was hungry they got into a good routine of feeding him and themselves regularly. The baby would make a certain face and the men knew what he wanted. As the baby grew they realized they wanted, not just needed but wanted to clean up their language so the child wouldn’t hear nasty things. They didn’t want the baby to repeat what they said to others and think of that child or them as a nasty, angry, perverted person. No more burst of anger. Rather than shouting they learnd to discuss things with each other so as not to disturbe the baby. When the child became a young man they got rid of the reading material that would lead a child into thinking sex was a dirty and pervers thing. The really cleaned house. That young man became a man himself in that house and the men continued to live in peace and satisfaction with themselves and others. They continued to all live together and life was so much better in so many ways because of this child they took in and their reaction to this new life style.

I’ve seen this happen when someone takes the Christ child in their lives.

It happen to me when i made my life His home.

As we let HIM mature in our life and we mature we too find this change that takes place. It is a prosses, for sure. A continual giving up of selfishness as we read Him love letters, spend time listening to Him speak to our hearts (comfort and even convict when needed).

His very presence is as pure and clean as a baby. May we, once we’ve accepted Him in, continue to let Him help us, out of love, clean our act up.

Clean up the way we think, act, talk, deal with each other. He can even change our old desires, we just have to be willing to let Him do his work and repairing in us.

When I surrendered and continue to surrender to His will I am much happier and satisfied. I find love, joy, peace, patience, kindess, goodness, gentelness, fatihfulness and self-control ALL BECAUSE i took Him in and let Him bear those attributes and characteristics in me. HE has and is continuing to change me from the inside. (Galatians 5:19-26)

Back a few years ago i heard Him knocking and i opened that door and His very presence not only made me want to be more like Him i fell so in love with Him that i was and still am obsessed and actually possessed by Him. I’ve seen others obsessed and some even possesed with other things and i choose Christ.

Song “To be like Jesus”, this hope possese me below:


Now i think of how i am the baby that the man Jesus Christ is taking care of. HE cleans me up and as i grow he shows me the way he wants me to be, pleasing to Him. I will rest in His care and strive to mature into what He wants me to be.

Song “I’m In His Hands” arr. by Phil Leager below:


Those who read this, please continue to pray for me and may this encourage you to walk in prayer (conversation) with Him.

LATER I FOUND THIS VERSE AND SAW HOW WELL IT FITS THE THEME    1st John 4:17-18        The Message Translation really speaks loudly.


Prayer chairPrayer chair

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